We will help get your company registered with the CAC. Whether it is a company registration or a business name registration or a trademark registration we got you covered!

Business Name Registration

A business name is the quickest and most convenient form of doing business by a sole proprietor or partnership in a professional manner. You will get a BN after this registration process.

Company Registration

We assist our clients to register their companies with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission and also assist with post-incorporation matters. A limited liability company will get you a RC number, and this has a more professional image to potential investors or clients.

Trademark Registration

Registration of a trademark gives the owner exclusive right to the trademark in respect of particular goods or classes of goods to which it was registered. We can assist you with the registration of your trademark in Nigeria today.

Whatever your idea company formation need is, we have the right options for you. Our straight-forward and flexible pricing ensures we accommodate your budget without compromising quality service.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1

You contact us and submit your business information and make payment.

Step 2

We draft relevant documents with authorities and begin registration process for you.

Step 3

Details confirmed by CAC and certificate is ready for download.

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Company registration made easy for Nigerians

We help persons and organizations to register legitimate company/ business in Nigeria. We will advice and guild you on other legitimate regulation documents that you may need to run your business effi-ciently without troubles from government (Federal State and Local) host communities We all give you all the support you till you find your feet. Your location is not a problem to serve you. Irrespective of your location, we can work with you on your incorporation requests and deliver it on time. Whether you are a Foreigner or Nigerian, staying in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.


Whatever your idea company formation need is, we have the right options for you. Our straight-forward and flexible pricing ensures we accommodate your budget without compromising quality service.

Business Name Registration

  • Name Check
  • Business Registration Number
  • TIN
  • CAC Certificate

Company Registration

  • Name Check
  • ₦1,000,000 Share Capital
  • Directors
  • RC Number
  • TIN
  • CAC Certificate

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To get your company registered with the COrporate Affairs COmmission (CAC), in Nigeria, then you would need to provide the below;

  • Proposed Name of the Company
  • Business Address of Company
  • Proposed Share capital of the company
  • Name of all shareholders
  • Email address of all shareholders
  • Mobile phone number of all shareholders
  • Residential address of all shareholders
  • Occupation of all shareholders
  • Percentage ownership split of all shareholders
  • Scan of identification document of all shareholders (Driver’s license, National ID etc.)
  • Utility bill of business address

To get your trademark registered in Nigeria, we will require a scan of the logo, the name of the brand/trademark you intend to protect, and information about the line of business or type of service provided. We will then send some documents which will require your signature.

There is a huge difference between a business name and a registered company. For starters, let us use simple syntax.

A business name is a registration of a business name, while a company registration, registers the company as a full corporate entity.

Business Name is usually used for Sole Proprietorships (One Man Business) whilst a Limited Liability Company is owned by Shareholders and as the name implies their liability/ dividends are limited to the shares they own in the company. 

The below type of business names won’t work out and would lead to a name registeration disapproval by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

  • Names that are capable of misleading the public as to the nature and extent of its activities
  • Names that are undesirable, offensive or contrary to public policy
  • Names that are identical with or similar to the name of a registered company unless the registered company is in the course of dissolution and consents in writing
  • Names that contain the phrase “Chamber of Commerce” unless it is a company limited by guarantee
  • Names that would violate any existing trade mark or business name unless with the consent of the trade mark or business name owner
  • Names that would violate any incorporated trustee unless with consent of the trustees

Yes, you can be outside Nigeria and still register your company fully with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The process is not done physically, and you won’t be needing to make an appearance during the process.

The whole process is done on the Corporate Affairs Commission – Company Registration Portal, and as far as you have all the requirements, you are good to go.

The amended CAMA 2020 allows sole directorship and a maximum of 50

Accredited agents are person(s) or institutions certified by the corporate affairs commission to process and submit pre-incorporation and post-incorporation filings on-behalf of individuals and businesses.