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Whether you are a fresh graduate, an entry-level applicant without experience or you are an experienced candidate, having an international standard CV gives a great impression to the recruiter. We deploy our expertise to come up with CVs and cover letters that employers find difficult to close.

Quick Delivery

We have the best hands around and would deliver your pro CV in just 24 hours. This means you can meet up with any deadline.

Pro Rewrite

A lot of people have out dated CV which can't compete in the modern market, this is why we offer rewriting plus design service to keep you updated with global demands.

International Standard

Your CV will be professionally designed by our expert team to pass through and approved by ATS systems that most large organizations use to screen CVs automatically.

Stand out from the crowd. Your CV is a recruiter’s first opportunity to assess your suitability. Our professional CV writers will utilise their knowledge of industry-specific keywords to ensure your CV gets noticed by the keen eyes of a recruiter.

Three Easy Steps

Step 1

You contact us, send your previous CV and make payment.

Step 2

We write and design your pro CV.

Step 3

We send a copy for your revision and confirmation. Within a max of 48 hours.

Pro CV writing and design made easy for Nigerians

CVs are credential-based, using functional categories to list one’s education, publications, honors and awards, research experience, training, and professional appointments. Preparing an international CV will take more research as it must be instantly understandable and the reader should be able to find out the right information quickly and easily. We have made this process easy for you by providing this professional service.


The cost of our company profile writing and design service is the best you can find in Nigeria today. Given the top quality of our work, this is a bargain you can’t resist.

Entry Level

  • 0-5 years experience
  • CV rewrite
  • CV design
  • CV in PDF & Word formats
  • Direct contact with writer

Expert Level

  • Unlimited years of experience
  • CV rewrite
  • CV design
  • CV in PDF & Word formats


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Yes, It just means we will probably have to spend more time talking through the detail to make sure we get your information correct.

Getting a job in this economy is tough! There are so many other strong candidates, the competition is fierce and if you’re a recent graduate, re-entering the workforce after some time, or you’ve been in one position for a long time, it’s doubly hard. And to make matters even worse… Did you know that the average recruiter will give your CV about 10 seconds of their attention before moving onto the next one? Which means your CV needs to stand out and grab their attention FAST or… You just don’t get hired. So how does one do this exactly?

Well, it’s all about positioning yourself as a “problem-solver” instead of a mindless robot that’s only good at taking instructions. Recruiters LOVE this and it will immediately separate you from every other CV on their desk. So we’ll write you a CV which does exactly this, guaranteeing you get the interview and eventually the job you’ve been dreaming about.

The most important things to remember about writing an effective resume can be encapsulated in a six-letter acronym, FAKTSA, in which the letters stand for:

  • Focus
  • Appearance
  • Keywords
  • Transferrable Skills
  • Accomplishments

We wish we could, but we cannot. We do guarantee your documents will be far superior than they were previously.

We are a team of professional CV & resume builders with a vast knowledge and in-depth experience of building CV and resume for any domain/Industry professionals. Nowadays keywords & an eye-catchy design play an important role in CV/resumes. Before making a CV or resume, our experts gather information from the customer and build the CV/resume accordingly so that it meets the expectations. All our designs are fully customized and we try to make a design for the best fit for our customers every time.

We offer a 24 hour delivery time for all our CV writing and design service, and you can sure bank on us to meet that target.