Tunde Obe narrates experience with racist white woman in America

Tunde Obe has said that he suffered racism at the hands of a white woman when he was still living in America.

At the age of 7, the singer went to pay a friend if his a visit at his home.

To his shock, the friend’s mother unleashed their dog on him simply because of the colour of his skin.

He wrote: “If you have suffered racism, it will forever leave a sour taste in your mouth.. My father was a diplomat (Ambassador), so he was always transferred to different countries.. In 1974 he was transferred to America.. We lived in Washington DC. I grew up with a free mind… .towards all races.. I had friends of all races in school and I never discriminated..

One day I went to visit one of my class mates at his home.. He was White.. His house was not too far from mine, so I walked. I got there and I rang their bell. His Mom, a White lady, came out….Looked at me with disgust and asked what I wanted.. I mentioned my friends name and she opened the latch on the gate to let me in..

She said I should follow her, as she walked towards the backyard, where I assumed my friend was.. As soon as she turned the corner she called…their dog’s name and shouted, “Sick Him!!”.. This huge Alsatian dog just went for me..

But I guess because God still had plans for me, I made it to the gate before the dog could pounce on me.. Luckily for me, the dog stopped at the gate.. I didn’t stop running till I got home..

That experience has remained engraved in my mind till today.. I will never forget how she was shouting “Get the Nigger”, as I ran for my dear life..The first time I would experience such hatred.. I had done nothing to deserve.. I was only about 7 or 8 years old..

This was in 1975, or thereabouts.. Racism has been around for a very long time.. I pray that one day it will be relegated to the dustbin of history, where it belongs.. People should be judged by their character, and not their skin colour”.