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Company Profile Sample Template

As a startup, Investors want to know what you’re doing, who you are, how far you’ve gotten, and where you’re going, and a company profile template should help you project these ideas with ease.

A company profile should briefly cover the history of the company, its principal products, services and markets, legal organization, an approximation of sales and earnings, and any key innovations, technology, or special methods that make the company unique.

If you are in need of a loan, grant, or funding. This document also goes well with your business proposal and plan and is necessary for the proper development of your company.

How do I write a company profile for a new company?

A company profile says a lot about your company. It helps your startup grow and sustain. Here are a few elements that you need to keep in mind while creating an attractive company profile:

  • Outline your company’s motive.
  • Showcase your company’s mission.
  • Add relevant information and a link to the company’s website.
  • Design a logo that matches with your brand.
  • Display the attractive images of your company’s CEO or managers.

Creating a company profile is time-consuming, most online templates are outdated, which is why it is highly recommended that you contract a professional writer and designer for this sort of project.

Company Profile Template (PDF, PowerPoint, Word Format)

Our experts are one of the best in crafting a profile for your business, and you can contact us if you will like to get a helping hand for this project.

KikioTolu Solutions company profiles are properly formatted with paragraphs, columns, shapes, image placeholders.

We offer company profile writing and design services for;

1. Construction Company Profile

2. Engineering Company Profile

3. Simple Business Company Profile Design

4. Our Mission, Vision, About, Services page design

How do you create a company profile in Powerpoint?

If you know how to use Microsoft Office Powerpoint, then you won’t find creating a company profile on the platform difficult.

You will need to simply follow the below steps and you surely will have something professional to present;

  1. Choose the right slide
  2. Write a compelling introduction that tells your story
  3. Services should be highlighted
  4. Use engaging language

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