Pamela Odame: Men vanish after sleeping with me

Pamela Odame, who recently said her big breast is a blessing to her, has stated that men vanish after sleeping with her.

Pamela Odame_ Men vanish after sleeping with me kikiotolu

Pamela Odame Watara recently stated that her breast are a blessing to her and she is very delighted they have brought her fame.

Speaking with Potpourri, Pamela Odame Watara noted that the size of her bosom has been a blessing to her.

She said:

“People around me encouraged me to go into the entertainment industry because I have a sexy figure and because I’m beautiful in a unique way.

After joining Instagram, I started getting messages from musicians who wanted me to feature in their music videos as a vixen. And boom, that was how I got into the industry”.

The Kenyan-born Ghanaian model has now disclosed that men promise her marriage, have sex with her and then vanish.

Pamela Odame was delivered from ‘Spirit of Dwarfs’ by Bishop Obinim, and he disclosed that men promise her marriage, have sex with her and then vanish, “broke the covenant” saying “I open the marriage doors for you, I open your children door for you and you will make plenty money and travel”.

The model earlier this year revealed that she dated and slept with five men within one year at age 17 in order to pay for her rent after relocating to Accra from her base in Sunyani, told Bishop Obinim that her current problem is ‘promise and fail’ as almost all men who have proposed to marry her have not turned up.

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