Nigerian Politics Is Joke! Shame On Saraki, Fayose, Melaye & Other Politicians Playing Games With Nigerians

Politics in Nigeria is a joke… Ask me why?

These same politicians are the ones behind the financial woe of this nation.

Earlier today, some politicians defected from the APC to PDP party.. It is no big deal since they are all political nomads.. .That should never bother any wise Nigerian.

If you are a wise Nigerian not under the payroll of these crooks in power, their defection should not bother you.

Their defection means absolutely nothing because they are all in it for themselves.

Let’s take Fayose for instance. This man collected N5.52 billion from the Federal Government to be able to settle unpaid workers salaries and up till now, he is yet to settle the suffering masses in Ekiti state.

The same Fayose who staged an attack last week today visited his political gang members, Saraki, and Dino Melaye to condole with them.

Truth be told.

Any Nigerian who supports any of these crooks in power doesn’t want the good of this country.

These political nomads are not interested in the good of this country, all they care about is their pocket and personal interest.

So to all of una asking me why am not covering their reports, you have done well.

Politics has become a joke in Nigeria and sadly some Nigerian youths have decided to allow themselves to be used as puppets by these gangsters with heavy bank accounts.

Shame on Fayose, Shame on Saraki, Shame on Dino Melaye and others playing game while most Nigerians suffer in abject poverty.

My sincere prayer is that God bring a God fearing man who will take over the affairs of Nigeria and help the helpless.

Nigerians have suffered enough in the hands of these ones.

Their puppets among the youths are still the ones supporting them on the social media.

At this point, permit me to say there is no corruption free political party in Nigeria whether na APC or PDP.

So if you think am in support of any of these yeye parties, you are totally wrong.

On the invasion of Saraki & Ekweremadu home today, Nigerians una cool down, allow security operatives to do their job and findings.

The affected politicians should stop crying foul if they have no skeleton in their cupboard.

SOURCE: Naijagists

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