Jenny has been so nice to me, well things moved well and even seun was surprised. I went home for holidays and every thing about me changed, though i don’t go out so i stay in doors to study and just relax to do normal things so i barely have have friends either boy or girl so i spent most of my time at home but sometimes i follow my uncle to club once a while i meet with his colleagues this men were men with different calibre of jobs some where doctors, bankers and even co workers like him because he was a civil engineer. Whenever i was with him i felt like as if i should just belike them already so i told my bro that i wish to be amongst his clique then he told me not to hurry that my time will soon eventually come , that alone boosted my ego then i promise my self that i would not only mbe like them but i will be more than them.

School resumed as usual i called on seun to inquire how far if he was around that i have arrived, you know when new semester resumed then every body will be like bosses, some would have upgraded in style this common in guys just to impress girls so you would send using expensive stuff my own expensive stuff was just my brain and determination but other guys i couldn’t say and the girls all about forming to show they have it all the holy ones you knew during the last semester would have turned bad and you guys would be surprised, cus of the new way they dress this prone to the muslim sisters that wears skirt but now puts on jean some cover their hair before but now is a different story that school for you.

Back to our story i called seun to in quire how =far he told me he would be coming the next day that as soon as he comes he will let me know not long to go jenny called me to know if i was in school i told her i was also in school then she told me she has really missed which i alsol did.

The next week came and school started in full course all hands were on deck being the second sememester, and the student who are yet to meet up with their gp has to work harder either by hook or crook cus the school was strict and if you cant meet up you will or luckily may be withdrawn so student were really busy all lecture rooms always full every shed of tree was now occupied with different turorials, well that didn’t stop jenny from partying i always do warn her, but she feels she gat all the money in the world she would help her way and she also believed in me to be her saviour.

Finally jenny called and told me we should meet after school which we did, we went to a nearby eatry to have lunch, so we gisted about how the holidays went , she told me she was just going to different parties and shoping and blah and blah then she told me she really missed me a lot then i told her i was just home all through i don’t go out but all my holidays i was just thinking about her and i cant even do a day with out thinking of what we shared that she has been the most beautiful girl and the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me she gave me a smile and she told me how much she love me though she knew our levels were far not comparable but not withstanding she just feel safe whenever she is always around me i felt a sting in my heart as if i was being announce winner of a visa lottery to a country where i don’t have to suffer my self i will just sit and money wil just become(not possible right?).

That was all i felt then she stamped a deep kiss on my lips and i answered instantly we were really deep before we realised were we are all eyes was on us i broke the kiss cus i was very shy, then we headed home she dropped me infront of my house then we hugged and i entered.

While entering seun was already at home revising then i explained all that happened we were just laffing as per normal guys parole but i don’t know maybe the kisses has taken part of my intestine because i was very hungry i asked if he prepared any food he said he made eba for him self but there is little soup, i mind? No i no get choice i enter kitchen bust the food made eba and ate………….layed on the bed i and seun started checking our books and assignment and watch seasonal movie and i slept but before i slept nko????????????

 To Be Continued…