MTN Nigeria Salary Structure 2019

MTN Nigeria Salary Structure 2019 kikiotolu

Here is the MTN Nigeria salary structure for 2019, we are going to give you the basic information needed, on how MTN Nigeria pays its staff this year.

Information in this article were carefully researched, so you can bank on them.

After taking your first decision to work for MTN Nigeria, you must have been wondering how the giant telecommunication company pays. Good for you.

MTN is the biggest telecommunication company in the country. It has the largest number of users. It is also the highest earning communication company in the country. MTN competes with oil companies when it comes to money. It is one of the companies that pay the highest tax in the country. As big as this communication company is, it does not pay as much money as we all expect from it. MTN pays less than what is expected of it. Here we go.

How Much Does MTN Nigeria Pay Its Entry Level Staffs 2019?

As big as MTN is, it pays its entry level staff as low as N960,000 per annum. If you break it down, that amounts to N80,000 per month. If the N960,000 was a monthly payment, we would have said it is juicy.

How Much Does MTN Nigeria Pay Its Specialist Staffs 2019?

After working for MTN for some time, and you have climbed up the company’s level up to a certain stage. You become a specialist, not only by name. You become a specialist by name and the income you get. MTN pays its specialist about N4,640,000 per annum. Yes, that’s a serious boost. There is a but, you will have to sweat a lot before you can become a specialist. A sum of about N4,640,000 per annum, amounts to about N390,000 per month.

How Much Does MTN Nigeria Pay Its Managers 2019?

If you are one of those lucky guys, and you are able to move higher in MTN, and become a manger, you will definitely start earning a salary which is almost double of what a specialist earns. MTN Nigeria pays its managers a sum of about N9,300,000 per annum. When you break this down, managers earn about N775,000 per month. Becoming a manger in the company is not so easy, you will have to go advance in your education.

Those are the amount MTN pays its staff. It is worthwhile noting your CV can help you climb up the company’s rank faster. Take your time to build up your CV, and don’t ever stop building it up.

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