Maurizio Sarri Juventus unveiling kikiotolu

Maurizio Sarri Juventus unveiling (Video)

Maurizio Sarri has officially been unveiled as the new manager of Juventus, in a press conference in Turin, earlier today.

Maurizio Sarri Juventus unveiling kikiotolu

The 60-year-old seemed comfortable talking to the media and batted away the inevitable question about his tracksuit “I’ll talk to the club. Obviously, when representing Juventus, I will wear their uniform. The important thing at my age is that they don’t send me out there naked…”

He also stated that returning to Italy to manage Juventus is the ‘crowning achievement of a long career’ after a year in charge of Chelsea.

He said:

“Juventus gave me that opportunity and it’s the crowning moment of a career that for 80 per cent of it was extremely tough. I feel that I have respected everyone and I gave my all.

“When Juventus contacted me, the sensation was strong. I’ve never seen a club so determined to get a Coach in my 30 years here and that is what convinced me.

“I think we have a long path ahead of us. I was talking to the President about structures and organisation. Going around English stadiums, you realise how inadequate our arenas are. There needs to be a cultural shift, as you turn behind you on the bench and are surrounded by children.

”I think in terms of club organisation and tactically on the field, we still have the upper hand compared to England.

”I am excited by Serie A this season, because there is the return of Antonio Conte, Marco Giampaolo at Milan, the arrival of an exciting talent like Paulo Fonseca at Roma and at Sassuolo a man I admire a great deal, Roberto De Zerbi. I see a sparkling situation.”

Sarri also hinted that he wasn’t completely wedded to the 4-3-3 system that he used at Napoli and Chelsea, and said he would evaluate the squad before deciding exactly how the team would line-up, “You can’t start with a system and send players out or bring them in. We have to identify the two or three players who can make the difference. I played 4-3-1-2 for a lifetime before the 4-3-3, so we’ll see.”

Overall he was very positive on the strength of the playing squad. Obviously he was quick to praise Cristiano Ronaldo, “I’ve trained great players over the years, but with Ronaldo I move on to the next level. This is a guy with every record in world football and I’d like to help him set another, knowing that I contributed to it.” But he was also complimentary towards two players that most in the media expected him to move on from the club, Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa, “Dybala is talented, Douglas Costa is a potential top player & we must see how we can build around them.”

Addressing the criticism he faced during his time in England, he said: “The world of the English media is well known to everybody: there are great newspapers and also some tabloids. This is something which strengthens you a lot. What I was a little disappointed with was the fact that here in Italy, what the [English] tabloids wrote was mainly reported. But all of the criticism and the attacks, the pressure – it will strengthen you.”