‘Mad woman’ escapes death after attacking Okada rider in Ado Ekiti

A woman identified to be mentally unstable escaped being mobbed after she reportedly attacked an Okada rider with a cutlass in Ado Ekiti.

'Mad woman' escapes death after attacking Okada rider in Ado Ekiti kikiotolu

The incident occurred around Federal Housing Road, Ado-Ekiti (the state capital) in the early hours of Saturday 22nd June 2019.

According to information gathered by KikioTolu, the mad woman who is well known in the area is used to attacking people and has been violent for some time.

Witnesses said she attacked the Okada man in the early hours of the day but he overpowered her with the help of his colleagues.

They went on to search her and discovered cards with the name and phone number of people boldly written on it. This led to the suspicion that she was not mad as her appearance claimed.

It was also said that few weeks back, she broke the windscreen of a car packed by the road side, but ran away before she could be caught by the owner.

She could have been mobbed, but the riders and public waited for the intervention of the police (a police station was just about 6 poles away from where the incident occurred).

On getting to the scene men of the Nigerian police asked for her to be released, stating that she was indeed mad.

Watch video below;

What is quite alarming is the fact that she was released and allowed to continue roaming the street, while still posing danger to the general public.

The government needs to put measures in place and try to take mentally unstable people off the street, so as to keep the society safe.

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