Lady narrates how she was drugged at Oniru beach


Lady narrates how she was drugged at Oniru beach kikiotolu

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how she was drugged and nearly raped at Oniru beach 10 years ago.

According to the lady identified as, @lPee_, on twitter, she handed drinks by two guys she knew at Oniru beach, while a third guy was discussing with her.

Unknowing to her the drink had been drugged with the aim of raping her.

She got tipsy after taking the drink, but narrowly escaped the rapist. See what she wrote below;

I think I shared once about how I suspected I was drugged in 2010 at Oniru beach. I was being handed drinks by a guy or two that I knew while another random guy was toasting me. When I began feeling tipsy, I left.

Hadn’t even gotten to the junction when I felt the strangest sensation; whoozy, heavy, vision was blurry. I hit the last number on my phone and asked for help. A friend and his friend who were also at the beach came to my resuce. They drove me home to yaba. I puked out my guts.

I have been drinking for easily 16 years of my life and I have never experienced that kind of intoxication, even from toking a jay. It bothered me a lot and every once in a while for 9 years I wondered what happened that night.

Went to Element house last month and a friend was describing the weird sensation one of the girls had experienced at the concert. It was the exact same thing I experienced at Oniru beach. It was a date-rape drug.

Most women go to the toilet once they begin to feel the effects of the drug. Whoever has drugged you waits at the door until you come out. He acts like a friend and because you’re so out of it, you accept his offer to help. He takes you out of the club. He rapes you.

I narrowly escaped a predator and a rapist sha… I’m a bit shook, because there were guys there that 25 year old me trusted but only God and the predator himself knows when exactly my drink was spiked.

This is not being revealed to say men are scum or I hate men. They will still be scum and we will still hate them but we also will still date them, even if warily.

This is for the girl that will go out this weekend, meet a charming guy & accept a drink she did not see the bartender make. This is for the girl that will drink champagne she did not see poured. For the girl that will go to the bathroom alone. For the girl that is too trusting.

My sisters, young and mature. Lol. I do not want your story to end in sadness or life-long trauma. It can be avoided for the most part. Ladies, only you or other women truly have your best interest at heart, and I say this with all my love.

Watch your drinks very carefully. Inspect your glass and watch them pour. DO NOT accept a drink from any man, even your friend. Watch that glass like a hawk. Your life depends on it.

If you see a woman in need of help in the bathroom or at a club, bar, in her car, the beach.. anywhere, please stay with her, get her phone and call someone in her call log. Don’t leave a man in her care until someone else can identify him. Please. Thank you.

Lastly, Niggas ain’t shit, on God!

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