Kinsey Wolanski fined €15,000 for UCL final stunt

Kinsey Wolanski fined €15,000 for UCL final stunt kikiotolu

Kinsey Wolanski has been fined €15,000 for her stunt at the Wanda Metropolitano during the UEFA Champions League final.

So when next you are in a marketing class, and want to discuss PR, never forget this one.

Apart from being and epic PR stunt, it has also turned out to be a smart business move. Or how do you explain paying €15,000 to earn over €3million. Well, that is just what Kinsey Wolanski and Vitaly Uncensored just did.

Kinsey Wolanski earned herself world notoriety for her stunt and it only cost the Instagram model €15,000, which was definitely worth it for her and Vitaly Uncensored.

We can all agree that the most excitement moment in the 2019 UCL final came from the scantily clad Instagram model, Kinsey Wolanski, who decided to run on the pitch mid match.

She was taken off the pitch by security and arrested and, according to MARCA, was fined €15,000 for the stunt, €5,000 for trespassing and €10,000 for advertising.

But, according to Darren Rovell, a sports betting and business expert, Vitaly Uncensored ended up making a good investment with advertising during the final worth a reported $3.97 million.

Unsurprisingly, her boyfriend, Zdorovetskiy was very impressed with his girlfriend’s work, tweeting an image of her shortly after the final with the caption “I can’t wait to marry you.”