How To Understand Your Partner


To really understand your partner in a relationship involves a great time and energy output from your partner and you.Putting in time and energy to understand and appreciate each other can go a long way to making your relationship hit its milestone.

How can I come to understand my partner?

1)One way to understand your partner is being curious about their thoughts,feelings,beliefs and attitudes till death do you apart. Never fake a relationship;pretending to be someone other than who you truly
are. Real relationships can only be formed when we willingly share who we really are,not who we think we should be or who we think our partner wants us to be.

2)Openness and authenticity will help us better understand each other.At the beginning of a relationship,people should talk,share and get to know each other .This leads to acceptance and approval

3)Acknowledge that your partner is different: There are differences that exist because of your gender-Do you know that men and women think and behave differently and each sex expectation of the outcome of a relationship are different. You and your partner are probably from two totally different family cultures;even if you grew up in the same environment.To continue in the bid to understand your partner means you have to choose to learn
about your partners family culture and share yours in a humble and respectful way as:
-Your family might be cold and theirs warm
-Your family might be loud and theirs quiet
-Your family may deal with issues openly and their family will sweep problems under the rug.

4)Learn to view life from your partners perspective: You and your partner may have different approaches to life and different values. Valuing and respecting these differences can make your relationship richer
and more interesting as long as you choose to respect these differences.

5)Understand our partner: Not understanding your partner can lead to conflict,especially when one or both partners insist that their view or way of thinking is right and their partner is wrong.This does not in any way help us understand and connect with them.Learning to understand your partner’s likes,dislikes,mood,problems,problems,succes and failure etc can make your partner feel wholeheartedly respected and that yo really “Get them”.