FGC Ikole is our heritage and background which can never be ignored – Adefemi Atom


Mr Adefemi Ayodele Atom made it known that Federal Government College, Ikole Ekiti is his heritage and background which cannot be ignored regardless of the results in the upcoming polls.

The aspirant for the post of President FGC Ikole Old Students Association (FIOSA), made this known during an interactive session with Fabinfos.com. See full details below;

1. Can we meet You?

Thank you Mr Tolu Ayeni for having me on, its feels so good to be on with a co-alumnus, and I have always known you to be a great blogger and I have read numerous of your articles online, you are really making us proud. My names are Adefemi Lawrence Ayodele Atom, I am an Agropreneur, with interests in cashew nut wholesaling and pig farming. I am a graduate of Computer Engineering (B.tech), with a few other professional qualifications in Risk Management.

2. Some quarters said you are unknown or not popular to the other sets of FIOSA, what is your response to that?

Well I don’t know how they came by the statistical data used for such popularity test. Maybe they are right as I am no Jesus, but they might be wrong too because while we were in school I was known by most persons including staff and students cut across all sets, though the last reunion afforded me a good opportunity of meeting persons that came when we were off the school already, so we keep diffusing.

3. Whats so peculiar about you and makes you different from others?

About peculiarity, I don’t really see anything about me as peculiar, I only live the best way I can and should per time, though I am glad it’s leaving green memories in the hearts of most people that our paths have ever crossed.

4. What are you past antecedents that you really feel can really showcase your leadership quality?

Thanks, time past having served in a few teams; in the background, as a team member and as a frontline man; such as coordinating RCCF Uyo 13A, vice-chairmanning Exclusive Class ’12 back in the university etc. Has afforded me some experience, coupled with personal skills will go a long way in helping lead our dear association in the best mode if elected.

5. Some ex students claim your chances of victory at the polls is “SLIM” what is your reaction to such statement?

I am not surprised, no one would want to undermine his team by giving obvious credit to his supposed opponent, but rather will verbally boost their ego by calling the other weak. The polls will decide what’s slim or otherwise.

6. If at the end you don’t pull majority votes how will you feel?

Thanks Tolu, I am really glad you asked this question, A lot has been achieved that we cant see now, I am sure we will get to see them soon. So irrespective of where the baton falls, winning is inevitable as it is really beyond the polls.

7. Many fear that if you don’t win at the polls, your set will pull out of FIOSA. What’s your view to that?

A rumor as this is one of the devil’s vices aimed at steaming discord. As much as I know as an active member of my set, nothing of such is ever going to happen as nothing similar as been mentioned, suggested or discussed so far. We only have to ask ourselves salient questions, will anyone abandon his heritage because of possible grievance, considering that the background that we share can never be erased? So its all nothing but fallacy!

8. In conclusion, there seems to be divergent views concerning a peculiar part of your Declaration speech and I quote

“Launch a N1bn Fund raising campaign for the renovation/remodeling of our alma mata into a model institution and also to fund up-to-date stocking of the School Library”.

Is it that they don’t get the point that you actually used the word launch and did not tell them such fund will be realized within your tenure? If at the end of your tenure you didn’t realize the fund fully, how do you tend to help your successor in the nearest future to carry on the fund raising initiative since Government is a Continuum and continuity is one of the reasons why our societies is said to be stagnant in development?.

In as much as the word launching is used, I think the initiative is well understood but some persons are creating controversy out of it just to deceive innocent minds for electoral gains and if there be any who doesn’t understand, further clarification can be sought for, just like I have done with a good number of persons over the phone.

Though I am still startled that a few persons are deviating from the ideals of having an organization as this because of the electoral exercise at hand, they are busy broadcasting negatives/impossibilities, but I beg that we ask ourselves necessary questions,

Do we need help?
Can we get help?
Can we take off big irrespective of the age of our association?
What is impossible?
How do we know the impossible if we don’t act?
What other alternative exit point can we promptly explore?
Do we have to listen to the loud oppressive voice of fear or feed on the still liberating voice of courage to dare the impossible?
I can go on and on…. Action is what converts initiatives to reality, lets put heads together, collectively invest our action, give more energy to possibility than build impossible walls in our minds, then we will make real our dream of a height surmounting association.

Conclusively, The fund raising campaign is going to be transparent as much as possible, the executive team won’t be able to do it alone, a team will be constituted and saddled with the responsibility of carrying out this task to ensure its success, it will also enhance smooth transitioning in case it isn’t completed at the expiration of our tenure, which is very unlikely.

Considering the ongoing rancor on social media, I will like you to re-emphasize on your message of peace and togetherness. What can you say about this and what message do you have for us as we go into the polls?

It’s painful that some of us have gone beyond the ideals of this electoral exercise to the kinda politics that has held our country down to the awful state its in. I beseech everyone to always put the collective interest of the association before any personal interest, as its this way we can have an association standing in productive love & unity. It can only be love, It can only be FIOSA, nothing less than it.

What a session! It was really a nice one with you Mr Adefemi.

We wish you the best at the polls.

Thanks Mr Tolu, I look forward to seeing you come 29th sept 2017.

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