Fastest Way to Open Guarantee Trust Bank Domiciliary Account – Required Documents

​GT Bank Domiciliary Account is designed to help you conveniently carry out foreign currency transactions from the comfort of your home, office or abroad. The account can be funded in Dollars, Pounds or Euro through travellers cheques, foreign currency cheque lodgments, cash inflows and deposits.

Before you are qualified for GTBank domiciliary account, there are some outlined requirements which you need to attend to.

The requirements are listed below.

  • You need to provide one passport photograph
  • Get a Valid ID card probably ( National ID card or voters card, or International passport or Driver’s license etc)
  • A copy of any utility bill issued within the last three months.
  • Also, 2 (two) references from either current account holders within GTBank or get it from other banks ( Click Here to download the reference form)

N/B: If you are already a GTBank customer with a Savings account, and want to open this Dom. account, then you are required to provide two references before they can proceed in opening your own domiciliary account.

For some banks, they may want you to deposit a minimum of $100 into the Dom account, which turns to be your own after the account registration. But GTBank Domiciliary Account doesn’t ask for such, as you can fund your account when you so wish.

How to Open Guarantee Trust Bank Domiciliary Account

If you do not have an existing account with them, you can create one by following the simple steps below:

1. Visit any GTbank branch close to you.

2. Ask for their customer service desk and request that you want to open a domiciliary account with them.

3. You can be asked if you already have any account with them before. If you have one. That’s great! If you don’t, they will open one (current or saving) together with the domiciliary account.

4. After that, you will be given a foreign currency account opening form, specimen signature card, two reference forms for you and your referee to fill.

5. If you have your two referees with you at the bank, they can fill their forms and you fill yours too and submit it. If your referees are not present with you at the moment, you can decide to take all the forms home, fill them properly and give your referees each of the reference form to also fill. Remember, your two referees should be GTbank current account holders; if you want them to open and activate your domiciliary account within 48hours.

6. After proper filling of the forms, go back to GTbank and submit it.

7. They will go through it and make some necessary corrections then ask you to go home.

8. Within 48hours, you will receive an SMS from them informing you that your domiciliary account has been open with your account number.

9. Finally, once you receive the SMS; go back again to the bank and deposit $100 into the account to activate your new domiciliary account.

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