Download GB WhatsApp V6.00 apk file (latest version) free for Android 2017

Here is the page to download the latest version of GB Whatsapp V6.00 apk file for free on your Android device.

This top android application is also known as Whatsapp Plus and it comes with so many features you won’t want to miss.

GBWhatsapp v6.00 is useful for you if you want use two separate Whatsapp on your mobile phone, and also customise the appearance of your whatsapp.

If you are like me and will like to have full control over your Whatsapp then GBWhatsapp is made for your. If you also want to use two seperate whatsapps phone nunbers on one Android phone, you need to get the latest version of GB Whatsapp version 6.00

This latest version 6.00 of GBwhatsapp comes with so many cool features you will love to rock. Just like the latest version of Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp 6.00 comes with the Pin chats to the top of your chat list feature. This new feature is going to enable you quickly find chats important to you. How does this work? Just tap and hold on a chat and tap the pin icon at the top of your screen.

This is a customised version of whatsapp so it comes with all the features you can find on the original whatsapp.

All the features of GB Whatsapp today (from version 1 to version 6.00)

Hide the possibility of any conversation (click on any conversation at length and then choose Hide)
Possibility to save cases (Alsturi) friends in the studio
Counter messages now works on the program icon !!
Option 6.8 to list the names instead of the list of new case
Change the color of the modern cases bar
Change the text of cases , recent cases of color
Disable calls for Specific Contacts.
Whatsapp Video Calling Working fine
Send Gif Images with ease on GB whatsapp V6.00
Selfie Flash enabled
Hide Last Seen for Specific Contacts
You can send Link to Join Whatsapp Group Publically on GB Whatsapp Version 5.60
This version of whatspp is Ban proof
You can now send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people on GB Whatsapp Version 6.00
Supports mobile calls
Privacy mods like Hiding Second Tick
Design your theme on GB Whatsapp Version 6.00
Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod according to your own choice.
Counter statistics for whatsapp groups.
Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen so no worries about your last seen showing in other people’s device.
Send video up to the size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB on GB Whatsapp V6.00
Send 90 images at once instead of 10 accepted on the original whatsapp
Change your status and add up to 250 characters instead of 139 characters.
Ability to press on links on chat screen without saving sender number or group admin number
On this version of GB Whatsapp you can distinguish between regular messages and Broadcast messages.
Hide the name and the date when copying more than one message. So now you can copy bulk SMS without showing other people’s name ( excellent feature).
Change GB Whatsapp v6.00 app icon and notifications from settings.

Added and new features of GB WhatsApp v6.00

GBWhatsApp 6.00

Base Updated to 2.17.351 (PlayStore)
Ability to Send Text Broadcast to Groups (Only Text Messages)
Ability to Filter Message when Clear Chat (Settings – Chats – Clear History – Clear All Chats)
Fixed Maps when sending Location
Live Location Sharing Added
Image/Video Filters (Effects when Send Images)
Option for Centre Names in Conversation Header (Mod 1.1.15)
Advance Storage Management (Settings – Data & Storage)
Quick Reply (Press and Hold any message and click on the Text Entry)
Anti-Revoke Added (Options – Privacy)
Custom Anti Revoke Added
Ability to Revoke Multiple Message at Once Added (Select Msges and click on Delete Icon)
Added Ability to Copy Text Status (Open Options & Click on Copy)
Added Ability to Remove “Read More” option for Long Messages (Mod 1.2.63)
Ability to Send 100 Documents instead of 30 Added
Themed Emoji & GIF Search Added
Ability to Select Multiple Contacts in Scheduler for a Single Message (Update)
Emoji Scroll
Other Fixes…

Who can download GB Whatsapp V6.00 on their phone?

This should not be particularly though, but some might not just know. Everyone using an Android device can use the latest GB Whatsapp V6.00 on their mobile phone. This app is not Android OS selective, all you need to do to enjoy GBWhatsapp V6.00 on your phone is follow the download link below and you are good to go.

How to Download , install and setup GB Whatsapp V6.00 on your Android mobile phone

This is easy, even as easy as reading this post. The setup process of GB Whatsapp V6.00 is similar to that of the regular Whatsapp. First of all download GBWhatsapp V6.00 via the link below, install it on your phone, and set it up just like the regular whatsapp. Here is something better, you can import your existing whatsapp or setup a fresh whatsapp profile with a new SIM card. Just know that, setting up GB whatsapp v6.00 on your Android is straight forward and easy.

Download GB WhatsApp 6.00 (Whatsapp mod) 2017 Latest version on your Android phone

Here we are, am sure this is the basic reason you opened this post. How to download GBWhatsapp version 6.00 on my smartphone. This is simple. Am sure if you have followed the above informations setting up this application is going to be really simple. Here we go

Click Here to Download GB Whatsapp V6.00


There you have it on this post “Download GB WhatsApp V6.00 apk file (latest version) free for Android 2017.” I hope you found this post helpful.

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