Double Trouble: The Real Reason Behind P–Square Split

There is no use waiting for new P-Square music, as the group has broken up for good. If you want to know what happened between the two brothers, then check out this article, where we will tell you the real facts about the P-Square split. The truth might shock you!

P-Square fight (Paul’s side)

It is not like the Okoye brothers have never fought before. The two have threatened two break up several times before (at least three times, but who is counting?), but each time they made up and continued with their career. So what could have happened this past September? 

It has been more than half a year since the conflict between the two brothers. There have been no major developments on the story until about a week ago, when Paul decided to give an interview to Showtime Celebrity, in which he explained what happened from his point of view. 

From what we have been able to gather, Paul does not like talking about what happened. He shared that he did not appreciate the questions about his personal life, particularly about the relationship with his brother. 

That said, Paul admitted that he took his brother’s exit from their group to heart. For months, he could not do anything, as he felt really low. Nevertheless, Paul has since bounced back and returned to his normal state.

When asked about whether P-Square will ever get back together, the musician said that it was not him who left the group, and he has waited long enough for his brother to return. Alas, Peter did no such thing, which means that there is probably no future for P-Square.

P-Square fight (Peter’s side)

Now that we have talked about Paul’s side of the story, let’s consider Peter’s for a moment. Why did he decide to leave the group that has brought him immense popularity?

Well, the short answer is that Peter decided that he no longer wanted to be in a group with his brother, so he quit. The long answer is that Peter had a very solid reason for leaving the group. 

According to various reports, both his twin brother Paul and their older brother Jude have behaved extremely inappropriately towards Peter and his family. Apparently, they were stirring up all kinds of drama and even threatening the safety of Peter’s wife and kids.

All three brothers were seen fighting in public, as well as on their social media, which only heated the public’s attention. Later, when the anger died down, the family lawyer had to come out and say that nobody was at fault for what happened, and that all that happened was because of too much emotion and passion.

Other than that, there is little else known about the conflict and its causes. Even though quite some time has passed, it is evident that P-Square is not very likely to exist ever.