COVID-19: How a colleague almost infected me on set – Popular Nollywood Actor

Nri – Anambra State born Nollywood actor, Chigozie Atuanya is quite famous for his acting skills.

The proud father of one recently shared how he has been coping since the COVID-19 pandemic, recalling his recent embarrassing encounter on set.

“Since after the lockdown was eased, lots of us have resumed production. Let us be very articulated, let’s try as much as possible to open our eyes widely this period because I noticed a quite a number of people have been very sick and same time trying to cope and go to work. I’d advise we should be very careful no matter who comes around you.”

Chigozie Atuanya continued: “I remember the movie I shot before I got ill. The actor playing with me, when it came to my turn to shoot, we had issues. When he came directly close to warn me, I noticed quite a chunk of saliva coming out from his mouth and splashed on my face. It gave me a whole lots of concern. I did not sleep throughout that day because I felt I had done something wrong.

“We should be very careful with what we play with sometimes because most times, we think we don’t get close to each other. No matter how you want to shout and get it right while acting, we should know our limits and how to work things out because for the whole day I wasn’t really myself. I felt something wrong had happened.”

Asked what he missed most since the lockdown, the Fine Boy actor says “I miss oneness, togetherness, going to church, friends hangout, play, some business that requires gathering is really suffering it. This time around, it’s either you go in by 7pm or 8pm. Everybody now goes home early. I really miss a whole lot but thank God that everything is coming back to a better shape.”