Company Profile Video Service in Nigeria

We will create a unique business video for your company, ensuring it clearly states who you are, what you do, and how the viewer can benefit from working with you.

Our company profile video creation service cost N70,000 and will see us write a custom ad script, run a professional voice over and video edit to produce a useful marketing tool for your business.

Every business deserves a company profile video, using it as a great way to share your story and deliver the perfect pitch, every time. A company profile video gives your audience a feel of the type of service they could be experiencing and the genuine nature of your business and offerings. 

Company profile videos are one among the foremost effective way for you to make connection with potential clients and customers. It is used to introduce your company to investors, partners and potential client. 

company profile video service nigeria kikiotolu solutions

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Please keep in mind that this service costs N50,000 and that a 70% payment is necessary to commence.

Best Business Video Creator in Nigeria

We have setup an elite corporate video production team. From script writing to voice over, our team members have strong industry experience, while also being vast with related trends.

Our business video creation service is among the best in Nigeria today, promising quality delivery and engaging content. If you aren’t utilizing videos in your marketing arsenal, you could be missing out on opportunities for new business. 89% of viewers of company profile videos are likely to purchase a product after watching a video of the product.

Here are some features of our business video service;

Custom Scripting

Our scriptwriters work closely with the client to develop a custom script tailored to their business objectives and target audience.

Talent Voice Over

We have a diverse pool of professional voiceover talents and assign the best hands to your project.

Video Production

Our team will source for the necessary materials and use state of art editing tools to ensure quality delivery.

Corporate Video Production Nigeria

Let us tell your story. At KikioTolu Solutions, we craft compelling company profile videos that elevate your brand, engage audience and drive results.

We specialise in creating visually spectacular and emotionally gripping corporate profile videos that will leave a lasting impact on your audience. We take your message a step further by creating unique versions of your corporate film for social media and overseas markets.

Show the world what your company is all about, and roll in the hay with style. With KikioTolu Solutions, you can create a solid corporate brand identity, share your message in the most powerful way possible.

Corporate Video Production Nigeria kikiotolu solutions

How it works

The creation of your corporate profile video will vary based on your company’s needs and the sort of messaging you want to convey, but we will collaborate with you to develop a screenplay and production that captures what you do and how you do it.Our professionals will create a professional, high-quality video that is engaging for your target audience. We’ll then make sure your films are correctly marketed online so you can generate additional leads.


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