Makeup artist, Clinton Princess Lisa commits suicide after Facebook note


UPDATE: Clinton Princess Lisa is alive and well, she was rescued, though was depressed. She has since been updating her social media page.

A Nigerian makeup artist identified as Clinton Princess Lisa has reportedly committed suicide after posting her intentions on Facebook.

Clinton Princess Lisa commits suicide after Facebook note kikiotolu

The night started with the young lady posting a picture of herself asking how death would look on her.

Makeup artist, Clinton Princess Lisa commits suicide after Facebook note kikiotolu

Owner of Princess Cosmetic Signatures, Clinton Princess Lisa wrote series of suicide post on Facebook, stating that she had been duped and her emotions toiled with. She narrated how she begged to lose her life, before deciding to take it herself. See what she wrote below;


I tried very hard to be living😭😭😭
Everyday I smile,laugh,do my jobs diligently,most of them chose not to pay me for the works and labours because they think am nobody,the Governor, presidents,commissioners and ministers know them all,some dupe me of all I have apart from my life,some chose to toll with my emotions cos they dnt care,others decides to do worst,oh yes some chose to tell with everything I have,what did I do them, I even beg not to See the next morning but everyday my eyes keep seeing this wicked world😡😡😡but in all life keeps tolling with all my hustle, why why why

What have I done
So now I have decided to end it all,now I want to rest very well,those that I have wronged pls forgive me,those that have wronged me, I forgive u all

Thank you😭😭”

A young man, Etumnu Matthew Chidi, who had been trying to reach the young lady since she posted the disturbing post, went on to reveal that she died.

Though many confirmed that she committed suicide yesterday taking to her comment section to post RIP’s, some are still disputing the claims.

They say its only a PR stunt to get those who owe her money to pay up, while another posted an unverifiable picture of the young lady with an unnamed woman.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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