Categories Of Npower Batch C Applicants That May Not Be Shortlisted

Npowerhas become big and popular in the sense that everyone including the gainfully employed wants to apply and benefits from the Programme.

According to the initiators of the Npower Programme, it is made for unemployed youths. The N-Power Programme is a job creation and skills empowerment programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Programme is designed to target Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35 and aims to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become practical solution providers in their communities, enabling them to become innovative players in the domestic and global markets.

In view of the above, the Programme is mainly for unemployed youths. So if your data is captured on record as a Government staff or private sector employee, you are totally out of the scheme. The BVN validation stage is there to expose such applicants.

Categories Of Npower Batch C Applicants That May Not Be Shortlisted:

Previous experience from the batch A and B Volunteers shows that the following people may likely not be Shortlisted for the Npower batch C Programme

1) Those gainfully employed under Government or private sector

2) Those who are benefiting from other government programmes like NYSC, Nexit etc.

3) Those who failed to follow up on the recruitment instructions for instance: participating in the NASIMS test and other subsequent proceedings.

4) Those who applied but did not have the required documents to back their application.

5) Exited Npower Volunteers