Business Plan Writing And Design Service

Our business plan writing and design service currently cost $100 and is available to all entrepreneurs.

Promising a maximum of 5 days to deliver your business plan, we ensure it shows valuable, actionable and relevant content that addresses the key factors that would make the idea feasible and achieve success.


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Blueprint for your business

Our w enriterssure that business plans developed by us provide significant value to the development of your company, no matter how large or little.

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Know your market

Knowing your competitors will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses, which will surely come in useful to the development of your company.

SWOT Analysis

Our writers make certain that business plans assist your firm in analysing what they do best now and establishing a profitable strategy for the future.

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Business focused contents

With over 5 years of business plan writing experience, you can trust our content is relevant to your business niche.

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Quickiest turnaround time

We work round the clock to ensure your business plan is delivered within five days.

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Unlimited revision

We love clients with reviews and won't charge you for edits to developed materials.

business plans for both new and established enterprises.

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5 days business plan delivery to ensure you meet your goals

Our business plan writers understand the uniqueness in different businesses and so, what they offer are fresh insights and not off the shelves business plans.

Regardless of your location, we will write and design a professional business plan for you. Our writers understand the uniqueness of each organisation, giving tailored insights rather than off-the-shelf designs.

Cost of Business Plan Service

KikioTolu Solutions offers excellent business plan  writing services all around Nigeria. We can effortlessly service clients regardless of their location due to advancements in information technology and file sharing.

Our team will construct compelling business plans that showcase your company’s unique attributes, captivating potential investors and stakeholders.

KikioTolu Solutions Business Plan Service Cost

$ 100
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Business Plan Design
  • Business Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • 5 Days Delivery


Abubakar Muhammed
Construction Expert
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I was impressed by the short delivery time of this company, and they surely proved themselves to be an expert at what they do.
Michael Thompson
Real Estate Developer
Read More
KikioTolu Solutions helped me miles away for my real estate agency company profile, and it was an itch free process regardless.
Anita Oreofe
Read More
I needed a company profile within 24 hours to submit for a project and KikioTolu Solutions delivered within my deadline. I was astonished.
Barr. Ekene
Legal Practitioner
Read More
Most of my clients needed a company profile to onboard their business, and I have been using this platform to service them. It has been a seemless experience, and its been over 5 years of partnership now.
Solomon Lukman
Oil and Gas
Read More
I trust their company profile writing service, and it helped my oil and gas company win contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, KikioTolu Solutions Business Plan writing and design service is available to everyone.

In over 6 years of business writing in Nigeria, we have been able to deliver our services to a wide range of clients.

KikioTolu Solutions has written and produced business plans  for a variety of organisations in various sectors. Oil and gas, engineering, civil engineering, building construction, real estate, civil works, health, education, telecommunications, agriculture, entertainment, media, logistics, and other sectors are among them.

A business plan can assist you in clarifying your company’s aims and approach. When you prepare a business plan, you are compelled to think about your company in great depth. This assists you in identifying your strengths and shortcomings, as well as opportunities and dangers. It also assists you in developing a clear strategy for accomplishing your objectives.
A business strategy can assist you in raising finance. If you want to raise funds from investors, they will want a business plan. A well-written business plan can reassure them that your company is a worthy investment.

A business strategy might assist you in attracting clients and partners. When you discuss your business plan with potential consumers and partners, it helps them understand your company and what it has to offer. This might assist you in gaining their business and developing connections.
A business plan assists you in properly managing your company. A business plan may serve as a road map for your company. It can assist you in tracking your progress, identifying areas for improvement, and making required modifications.


Efficiency and swift delivery is a key pillar to all our operations at KikioTolu solutions.

Our Business Plan Writing and Design service is not only the best due to the quality and favourable cost, we also ensure that we deliver your work within 5 days.

We will provide you with a full study of your company concept or endeavour, a customised business plan adapted to your individual needs, professional writing and formatting, and advice and assistance throughout the process at KikioTolu Solutions.

Clarity and Direction, Decision Making, Attracting Investors and Financing, Setting Realistic Goals and Understanding Market, Operational Efficiency, Risk Management, Resource Allocation, Marketing and Branding, Monitoring and Evaluation, Employee Alignment, Adaptability are all benefits of a well-structured and well-thought-out business plan.

KikioTolu Solutions Business Plan writing and design service cost ₦70,000.

No, we do not offer printing services.

As you must have noticed, we don’t share samples of our completed jobs with clients. The thinking behind this is.

Once completed, the business plan is no longer a property of KikioTolu Solutions, and we transfer every rights to the client making them the sole owner of the material.

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