“Animal sound inspired my new album”, DJ Cuppy

Nigerian DJ cum musician, Florence Otedolaprofessionally known as Cuppy, has opened up on what inspired her latest album, ‘Original Copy’.

The 27-year-old entertainer expressed her excitement at finally releasing the album, describing it as a dream come true.

In a statement to TheCable Lifestyle on Monday, Cuppy said she visited her family’s farm in Epe, Lagos, where she recorded series of ambient and animal sound samples used in the album.

“I went back to my roots, where I am from; Epe and mixed with the locals for inspiration, I visited my family’s farm and recorded lots of ambient and animal sound samples. If you listen very carefully you can hear these in each track,” she said.

Talking about the success of the album on the long run, she said;

“I am so proud that the album is now out. For me it’s not about numbers and statistics and charts. It’s about the fact that I was able to focus and actually achieve my dream of having an album,” she added.

“So honestly, I’m already happy regardless of what happens. Nonetheless, I encourage everyone to join this journey and I hope they enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making this album.”

The project tracklist includes ‘Epe’, ‘Jollof On The Jet’, ‘Wale’, ‘Feel Good’, ‘Cold Heart Killer’, ‘Original Copy (Interlude)’, ‘Karma’, ‘Litty Lit’, ’54’, ‘Guilty Pleasure’, ‘P.O.Y’ and ‘Labalaba’.