Android’s 10 Most Exciting Apps To Download Now

Today I’ve got a list of ten really cool and free android applications that you’ll definitely want to check out if you don’t have them already. And these won’t be in any special order, they’re all pretty cool. Anyway, let’s get into it.

1. Wall On
The first app on this list is Wall On. This app offers you a huge collection of high-resolution wallpapers from unsplashed. All the wallpapers are laid across different categories, the interface is simple, and scrolling experience through the wallpapers is super smooth. You can download your favourite wallpaper in RAW format, Or set it as a wallpaper from right within the app. You also get a lot of information about the wallpaper, like where and when was it taken, what is the resolution. And if you are interested, it also gives information like the camera used, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and so on.It’s definitely a must-have wallpaper app, go check it out.

2. Spyzie

The second app on the list is Spyzie. It is essentially a parental control app, which is targeted towards parents who want to keep a track of their kids. It allows you to completely monitor the activity, on any other smartphone, which can be an android phone or an iPhone. You can look at the call logs, browsing history, the games they are playing and even the current location of the target device. Unfortunately, Lot of the functionality of the app is locked, and you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use it to its full potential.

3. Don’t touch my phone
Next app is Don’t touch my phone. If you are at the public place with your smartphone running low on battery, and the charging point is a bit away from you, this app helps to keep your smartphone safe while its away from you. Just turn the app on while you move away, and it will sound an alarm as soon as someone tries to pick up or move your smartphone. To turn off the alarm you need to type in the passcode, which makes it super secure and reliable. It uses the sensors in your smartphone, to detect if the phone is being moved so it can sound the alarm. If you live in a crowded country like Nigeria, I would say it’s a must have app.

4. Descent
Next up, we have the first game in today’s list, its called Descent. This is a new endless runner game where you have to guide a cube down its endless fall. You need to tap on the screen to avoid obstacles along the way. You can upgrade and get new cubes with the Tokens that you collect as you move ahead in the game. The game seems really tough at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fun way to keep yourself on your toes. Coming around the halfway mark,

5. Next app
Next app on the list is Google Opinion Rewards. This app lets you answer quick surveys and earn Google Play Credit. You will get notified when short and relevant surveys are ready for you. Depending on your answers, you earn credit, which you can then spend in the Google Playstore to purchase apps or games. So now you can answer some surveys, earn credit, and buy paid apps in the Play store that you always wanted.

6. 17 Track
17 Track lets you keep a track of all your orders from various courier services. You can track parcels from over 220 carriers. And the best thing is, the app is free and without adds. You can track multiple packages at once, get notifications when status changes, and the app also auto detects the shipping carrier. It’s a great app which lets you keep a track of all the packages at one place.

7. Screenshot Assistant
Next app in the list is Screenshot Assistant. It helps you take screenshots, just by holding down your home button. I don’t think it can get any simpler than this. You no longer need two hands to take a screenshot. After you are done taking a screenshot, you get a small menu, with options which let you crop the screenshot, resize it, store it on your device, or share it any which way you like. The only downside is that you won’t be able to activate google now with a long press of the home button.

8. Linia
The next app and second game in our list is Linia. It’s a minimalist colourful puzzle game, where you have to slice through the right colour patterns in one clean motion, to move on to the next level. This game requires you to be really precise. The first few levels are pretty simple and straightforward, but it gets really tough, really quickly. Try it out and you will enjoy it.

It’s not easy, but it sure is cool. If you have an SD card slot on your smartphone, then you should check out MoveIt. This all will let you move multiple images and Audio or video files to your SD card or the other way around. Now you no longer have to rely on your computer to transfer your files, this app does it for you quickly and easily. Most of the times, images, videos and songs on our phone were up to the majority of the storage space on your smartphone, this way you can move all of that to your SD card and have free space on your phone for heavy applications.

9. Loner
3rd game and second last app in today’s list is Loner. This is by far the easiest, simplest and relaxing endless runner style game that I have tried so far. You have to control this plane with your fingers and guide it through the openings that are coming up, that’s it. It gets a bit challenging with time, but it is still simpler than most of the games out there. Give it a try if you want to try your hands on a simple relaxing game for a change.

10.  Tempmail

The last app in today’s list is TempMail. This is probably my favourite app in the list. What this allows you to do is create temporary secure, private email accounts so you can avoid spam emails, hacking attempts, and all the other email related headaches. There are times when you need to use a particular service just once, but it asks you to provide your email address, just use tempmail to create a temporary email account, and use that. This is an awesome utility app which is very useful for someone like me, who is always trying and testing various services, without having to worry about receiving spam email from them later on.

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