7 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed Instead Of Cigarettes high(Health Benefits Of Marijuana)

Hi guys..

I promised to share with us some Health Benefits of Marijuana, also known as Weed today!

Weed smoking has positives and negatives effect sha, but i’m gonna focus on the positive sides.

Do you know that Weed is medicinal? Yeah it is. I dont smoke, but if i’m to start smoking right now, i’m gonna smoke weed instead of cigarette. But I cant smoke for some personal reasons.😎

Let me briefly hint you some negative effect of weed smoking:

1. It blocks memory formation.

2. It messes with your balance.

3. Weed may increase the risk of depression; if taken excess and always.

4. It intenses anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic are common side effects.

IS Weed Smoking A Sin?

Weed is not a sin. Infact smoking is not a sin but an habit and too much it is bad. Unfortunately, I dont smoke for some reasons.

But if you no get food to chop dont smoke anything o. And u must not be smelling weed upandan. Everyone must not know that you smoke. Smoke responsibly in your house.

Health Benefits of Weed Smoking:

1. Smoking weed makes you thinner i.e less likely to be obese. You’re tend to have less body fats and tend to be at lower risk for diabetes.

2. Weed also known as (Marijuana) can actually improve your lung functions. Smoking weed arent that bad for your lungs; what is bad and kills is cigarette. When you smoke weed, it practicaly train your lungs to be more efficient and super active.

3. Smoking weed can increase and give you a high level of creativity. Asin ehn u will be over smart just like Fela Kuti and Wole Soyinka.😊

4. Weed smoking can kill cancer cells. It can shrink cancer cells in your body system. However, I cant really say that weed could serve as cancer remedy. But a chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading.

5. Smoking weed is far safer alternative to alcohol. In fact, it’s 1million times safer. Alcohol is made of chemicals, but weed is natural. Weed is a natural gift from God.

6. Smoking weed treats inflammatory bowel diseases. Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitiscould benefit from marijuana usage, studies suggest.

7. Weed smoking slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.


👉If u smoke weed, u go chop well. But if no food to chop, na thief u go thief and if dem catch u, na kill dem go kill u or lock you up for 600 years. So make sure u get food for house before smoking weed..becox hunger and weed are 5&6.

🔥If you smoke weed, u go dey think and reason well. But if u over think, na madness go follow u las las.

🔥If you smoke weed, u go dey gbensh wella..40seconds nobi for u. You can knack woman for 2hrs u never ejaculate.

🔥If you smoke weed, u go always dey alright. Feeling urself as if u no get problem for dix life. But after e clear for ur eye, ur problems still remain.😒

I repeat. Smoke responsibly. Everyone must not know that you smoke. You must not smoke outside or with groups. U must not be smelling weed upandan. Dont cause trouble with it. Stay safe and blessed. I drop pen here.

7 Reasons Why You Should Smoke Weed Instead Of Cigarettes (Health Benefits Of Marijuana)