5 Reasons why you should NOT try out unpopular phone brands

5 Reasons why you should NOT try out unpopular phone brands

Here is a post which is going to give you the top 5 reasons why you should NOT try out unpopular phone brands. Yes, you read it correctly, this post is going to give you the top disadvantages of those nearly unknown phone brands.

This post was written by a Nigerian, so “unpopular phones” in this article are going to be based on this location.

There are up to a 100 mobile phone brands listed on GSM Arena and this list is not complete as some brands are still missing in that list e.g Solo mobile, iTel, Tecno, Infinix and lots more. Let’s assume there are 170 mobile phone brands in the world today, am sure you can’t record more that 20 without the aid of the internet.

This is because not all of this brands are popular in Nigeria today, and some phones are targeted at a particular location.

Some of the popular mobile phone brands in Nigeria today includes Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo, Gionee, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, iTel, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, and Blackberry. But you will agree with me that there are so many brands on sale in this country, apart from that you can easily buy some of this “unpopular phones” from online stores.

So why is it bad to buy unpopular mobile phone brands?

Before I go into that fully let me give you some reasons people buy “unpopular mobile phone” brands.

  1. They are cheaper, and most people can easily afford it.
  2. They provide extra accessories and gadgets
  3. Higher chances of being original, as people rarely clone this unpopular brands
  4. Longer warranty

This are the basic reason some people buy this unpopular phone brands, though some are simply sweet talked into it.

Now let me give you reasons you shouldn’t buy those relatively unknown mobile phones.

Top 5 disadvantages of buying an unpopular mobile phone brand in Nigeria

  1. Scarcity or unavailabily of phone parts: This is the top problem with this sort of mobile phones, and one clear reason you should steer clear of them. Mobile phones are not gods, and can get damaged at times. But if you happen to be using a Chinese mobile phone brand, which has no presence in Nigeria, it might be a tough job to repair, and surely cost more to get the parts.
  2. They come with a scrappy software: They are cheap and still want to offer the same specs as the popular brands, then you might have to give up a cool UI. This phones usually come with low PPI or crappy softwares. Though some don’t have this problem at all.
  3. They might still just be testing: Most of this unpopular brands are new into the market and so they are still testing. This companies might even fold up soon, or produce poor phones that fail the test, and you might just be the buyer of that poor mobile.
  4. Lack of custom ROM’s: I love using custom ROM’s on my smartphones, though this would be impossible if I was using one of the unpopular mobile phone brands.
  5. No nearby office for support: Most of the popular mobile phone brands in Nigeria have physical presence here, and this has made it easier for customers to relate with the manufacturers. But when you are using an unpopular mobile phone brand, you can’t have access to this, meaning you might just be on your own.

There you have it on this post “5 Reasons why you should NOT try out unpopular phone brands.” What’s your view on this post?

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