5 Reasons Why Your Tecno / Infinix Smartphone Slows Down Months After You Buy It

Here are the top 5 reasons your Tecno or Infinix smartphone slows down months after use.

Today a lot of Africans (Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana especially) buy either a Tecno or Infinix smartphone. These smartphone brands are loved for their price and awesome specs, however, after roughly six months of heavy usage, many people notice a reduction in efficiency and performance.

In this post, I’m going to outline 5 common reasons which makes your phone to slow down after few months of usage.

List of top 5 reasons Tecno and Infinix phones slow down months after buying it

1. Software upgrades: Many Nigeria ignore software updates and end up complaining when the performance of their phone drops. This updates are for a reason, and shouldn’t be ignored if you want to get the best out of your phone.

2. App Updates and heavy applications: When using a mid range smartphone like Tecno and Infinix, it is highly advisable you avoid heavy applications that are most likely to slow down your device. Also some so-called ‘lightweight’ apps that you install can transform to ‘heavyweight’ over the time via App updates. The best thing you can do is to once you feel the app is bloated, replace it with another light weight app.

3. Apps Running On The Background: Most people tend to neglect background apps. Your Tecno or Infinix smartphone is sure to slowdown when some apps keep running in the background without launching it. There are many apps like email services, messaging apps which are always active. These apps use CPU and RAM, which impacts negatively on your phone’s performance. Minimize this apps to help free up some memory.

4. Memory Degradation: Smartphones run on a flash memory, the most common type of flash memory is known as NAND. NAND memory gets slower as it fills up. In summary, NAND Memory usually requires a certain amount of vacant blocks to operate efficiently. The best thing to do here is to stick with 75% of your device’s total storage capacity.

5. Storage Problems: Always go for a very large external storage, and avoid loading your internal memory. Whenever your storage system is full in your Android phone just clear unnecessary files to prevent your phone from slowing down.

There you have it on this post “5 Reasons Why Your Tecno / Infinix Smartphone Slows Down Months After You Buy It.” I hope you found this helpful.

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