13 Ways He Says I LOVE You, Without Ever Saying A Word

13 Ways He Says I LOVE You, Without Ever Saying A Word kikiotolu

If a guy does these things, then he loves you!!! Many ladies actually want to know if he truly loves them, and as we all know, action speaks louder than words.

Not everyone guy out there vocal (or obvious) about their feelings, and many of us often find it difficult to express those deeper emotions.

But, just how are you supposed to know that your man is actually in full-on love with you if he isn’t saying it?.

Men can be complicated, but figuring out if he really loves you doesn’t have to be!

Here are 13 subtle, silent ways his non-verbal communication lets you know he’s fallen for you, and truly in love:

1. His kisses are long and passionate

I am sure we have seen a lot of this in romantic movies, and I must tell you, they are not exaggerating it. Not a bit.

Who doesn’t love an excellent, lengthy kiss? When he’s continuously initiating these and you can feel the passion each time he does, it is clear that he’s more than just a little excited to be around you.

2. He likes to get close.

You know how it’s unnerving when somebody you’re not interested in gets close to you? It’s the complete opposite when someone you adore tends to be closer in distance than he is to other people. When he loves you, he won’t have any problem with you getting close to him.  He might even be initiating it most times.

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