Top 15 Small Businesses Any Nigerian Student Can Do Right Now


Top 15 Small Businesses Any Nigerian Student Can Do Right Now

Here is a post by fabinfos which is set to give you information on the top 15 small businesses any nigerian student can do right now to make cool cash quick. There are many productive things you can do with your free time when you’re not doing school work. These are some of them.

Sometimes, doing business in school doesn’t just earn you extra cash, it also instills a sense of responsibility in you. So no matter your motive, where it is to earn extra cash and fend for yourself, or it is for sport, or it is just your own training for post-school life, here are a few businesses you can start with little capital and scale up on…here we go.

  1. Hairdressing: Hairdressing, hairstylist, which ever name you might call it. If your hair making skills are tight, and you can convince 5 friends to tell everyone to come make hair with you, you’re in business.
  2. Graphics Design: This is probably one of the most sought after freelance job by Nigerian youths at the moment. Whether it is a simple poster, to designing for a big project, it’s possible to juggle it on the side.
  3. Programming: Many small Internet companies are always looking for developers to help them build everything from a website to software, and this can be your shot at making cool cash.
  4. Writing and Research: Do you love to write, anything? If you know how to dig, research and get the work done, then there’ll always be someone willing to pay you to help them with their project work or essay, or research paper. Your win.
  5. MC’ing: AY the comedian started off MC’ing in Delta State University, his school, so why can’t you? If you’re funny enough, can speak in front of a crowd, and genuinely believe you’re not as boring as your lecturer, with some practice, you can earn money MC’ing at events.
  6. Event Planning: Start with your friends, the people they know will see it, and if you’re really good at it, someone will be willing to pay.
  7. Artist: How are your painting, or doodling, or drawing skills? There’s a growing movement of young, middle class people who are beginning to appreciate art more. You might want to find them, and make them pay for your art.
  8. Modelling: Have you heard of top blogger Linda Ikeji, well, she didn’t just hit it to the top overnight, while at the University of Lagos she started out modelling. Nothing stops you. Start with small gigs. Small gigs will eventually lead to big ones.
  9. Social Media management: Small businesses are always looking for people to help them manage their social media presence, so if you seem to have Social Media in your palms, you can also find a way to get that money in your palms too. No course in school can teach you this.
  10. Promoter: Are you Mr/Mrs popular, resourceful, and convincing? Then why not make some cash from that. A lot of people will be willing to pay you money to bring students in your school to an event.
  11. Voice over: What in earth us Voice over? Here we go….You know that famous “Gulder The Ultimate” voice in the ad or the “We know it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it” in that Fidelity bank ad? That’s Femi Sowoolu, and he makes a good living doing voice overs, amongst other things of course. Besides your boyfriend or girlfriend of course, do people generally think you have a great voice with even greater diction? If you do, then you might want to research people on how to be a narrator and voice-over person.
  12. Barbing: Dude, if you can barb, and your friends aren’t willing to pay you to barb their heads, are they really your friends?
  13. Baking: Mama taught you how to bake. You better learn how to make money with it. Like, someone is celebrating something every week in school. You can be the person they come to for all your cake problems.
  14. Photography: Bayo Omoboriowo is the President’s personal photographer. He started off while he was in University. When do you intend to start?
  15. Tailoring: Everyone needs dresses for the next Owambe, they need a tailor, you have the skills. What are you waiting for?

Don’t get it twisted this is not a ranking list, so number 15 might just be the best shot for you.

Remember, there’s nothing shameful about trying to make money legally. If your friends laugh at you, then maybe you need new friends. There’s no dishonour in making money, as long as it’s legal.

All the best !!!

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