Story: The Last Trip Down The West 12

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z1 - Story: The Last Trip Down The West 12

“what are you looking at Mary?” Mary jumped. Why did this boy always make her jump? “good morning small oga” “ what are you looking at Mary” “ nothing… just the wall. Its nice paint work isn’t it?” Duke looked at the wall skeptically and said “ you know… Mary, I’m a child but I’m not an idiot.” Mary laughed nervously. “ who ever said you were? Little oga, let me deal with them.” Duke ignored her and walked towards his wardrobe. He opened it and started to get out clothes one after the other. “ what are you doing young man?” Mary asked, looking at him suspiciously. “ just looking for the right outfit for my outing today” “ outing? What outfit?” “ daddy is taking me out for iced cream. I have to dress properly. Please help me choose?” He looked up at her with his big brown eyes and Mary’s heart melted. Even though Duke had shown little excitement last night, he was indeed excited and he really wanted to spend time with his dad. What was more, he wanted to look just perfect.

Mary felt a surge in her chest as she looked at his beautiful head of curly hair. He was a little darling and the more days that passed, Mary found it increasingly difficult to leave him. “ sure duke. Lets find you the right clothes” “ I am going to order chocolate iced cream…” Chocolate iced cream, Mary knew what that was. She had had it. She hated chocolate. She hated chocolates with a passion. “ no!” She said abruptly.

Don’t have chocolate iced cream Duke looked up at her, startled. What the hell was wrong with Mary, she never snapped at him. “ but I like chocolates!” He groaned babishly “ well, unlike chocolates right now. Don’t get chocolates out there. Don’t.”

Duke looked at her incredulously and ignored her. He would do what he wanted. If Mary didn’t like chocolates, that was her problem, not his. Mary continued to look into the wardrobe and bring out clothes that she thought might look nice for a warm afternoon of iced cream guzzling.

To be continued soon

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