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11 Reasons Why Most People Choose Entrepreneurship

11 Reasons Why Most People Choose Entrepreneurship

One of the most common occupation on Facebook today is, self employed. This is a sign that most people want to be their own CEO, and run a business. Truth is being an entrepreneur is not an easy task as so many people think, but a lot of folks are joining the train.

In this post we are going to be discussing the top 11 reasons why most people choose to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs take crazy financial risks, work for really long hours, skip meals, wear dirty clothes, keep bushy hairs and in most case they don’t socialize with friends as usual. If you think about it, why will anybody go through all these just to start and build a business?

It’s because despite the ups and downs, the hardship and pains, there are driving forces, an unquenchable thirst, inward passions that moves people to choose entrepreneurship.

These reasons are different from everybody but if you look closely, we all want to become entrepreneurs for one or more of these reasons.

List of reasons why people decide to be an entrepreneur

  • Resourceful: When you are good at a skill, it doesn’t take too long before that skill is converted into a business. Solving problems, fixing things and being resourceful in a field suggests an aptitude for doing so on a greater scale.
  • Can’t Have A Boss: Some people yearn to be their own boss, and can’t stand having another person push them around.
  • Can Sell A Comb To A Bald Man: Yes, some people are that terrible. If you have a killer sales instinct, you have a clear calling in life. Being a successful salesperson can involve some “creative” promotion sometimes crossing the line into deceit, but ultimately people are responsible for their own choices.
  • Lazy: This is a common mistake, and one reason why many businesses crash even before they arrive. So many people have the misconception that being an entrepreneur is easy, and they learn the had way.
  • Easily Bored: Where people are easily bored, 9-5 is not for them. The challenge of an environment with continuous and often unforeseeable stimuli may shield such individuals from the throes of boredom.
  • With A Criminal Streak: People make mistakes. Sometimes, these are grave enough to procure a criminal record, and this makes reentering the workplace even harder. But for people who are willing to reform themselves, switching to entrepreneurship can be a way to reintegrate into society in a positive manner.
  • Too Creative: A creative soul cannot be contained, or it will be deeply unhappy. Entrepreneurship by definition requires a high degree of creativity, whether in the invention of products, the execution of marketing, or, especially, problem-solving.
  • Been Through School Of Hard Knocks: There come certain points in life where, in assessing experience, one concludes that one has been through more than enough to not be afraid to branch out on one’s own. Everyone goes through the school of hard knocks; it’s always a question of what one does with the experience.
  • Addicted To Risk: Risk is unavoidable, but I am not talking about the sports betting type of risk, as those type of risk addicts can find themselves in tremendous trouble. Entrepreneurship is one sector in which risk has to be as finely calculated as possible, but where risk takers can be rewarded.
  • Has Nothing To Lose: Sometimes, life hits us with a set of circumstances in which we feel like we have nothing more to lose. Many keep trying till they hit their goal.
  • Can’t Keep A Job: Some people are just not good at keeping jobs. But current economic afflictions, the elimination of traditional jobs and the explosion of the part-time economy hurts people who are perfectly capable of holding jobs but are not being allowed to. Entrepreneurship may be the way out of the evil circle.

There you have it on this post, I hope you enjoyed this piece.

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Updated: May 3, 2018 — 9:17 am

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