NYSC Information On Redeployment ( Very Important !)

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NYSC stream II 1 600x381 - NYSC Information On Redeployment ( Very Important !)

It can be heartbreaking to see yourself in one state when you actually desire another state.

You would want to redeploy.

Redeployment is real. NYSC will redeploy you if you can prove to them you deserve it.

Redeployment is currently done on three basis:

1. Health reason
2. Marital reason and
3. Security reason

Have seen a guy redeployed based on spiritual reason before.. Its funny, but it works.

Security is only restricted to states prone terrorism. (If you are posted to Bornu state, thats automatic redeployment.

To secure a successful redeployment, these tips may help.

For those applying for medical reasons, make sure you get a medical report from a government hospital. NYSC won’t acknowledge medical reports from private hospitals.

The reports are usually dated. The older the date on the medical report, the more serious NYSC officials will take it. If the report is dated a few days around when you printed your call up, it may raise suspicion about your motive for redeployment. i.e.
you printed call-up 1st may and your medical report is dated 5th May.

As soon as you get to camp, take your medical report to the camp clinic for authentication, then begin your application for redeployment.

NYSC Might not redeploy you to your home state.

Lagos and Abuja are highly contested, so you might not get them but you will get places that are very close.

Some people claim to have certain illnesses so that they can be redeployed. Note that the information go into your file for life. And if you don’t mind and still want to claim an illness, claim wisely.

One of the most common illnesses people claim is Asthma. Asthma is manageable and can be managed from any hospital.
Whatever the illness you claim, know that the NYSC officials are going to assume that if the illness did not kill you in 4/5/6 years of schooling, it won’t kill you in one year of NYSC.

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