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NYSC 2017 Batch A senate List Verification and Registration… Verify Your Names

All prospective members can now verify their names on the senate list.

What does this mean?

This mean you can now check if your name is included in the list forwarded to NYSC by your institution to be mobilized.

After graduation, Your school via the Division of Student Affairs will send a list of qualified candidates to be mobilized to NYSC and then, its the names from various schools that NYSC will divide to Stream I & II.

Complete details on how to check your name on Nysc list

First, click NYSC PORTAL below

Secondly, enter the details below as seen in the image above:

1. Select Institution
2. Enter The Matriculation Number
3. Enter Surname
4. Enter Date of Birth
5. Then click send.

If your name is shortlisted, you can now register and proceed with registration, as you must register to receive your call up number and subsequently your call up letter.

Also, If your name and that of your colleagues in school is not on the site on the first day no need for panic. It means your school is yet to upload names and that can be done between today 10th of April to next week Wednesday 19th April. So calm down and don’t give yourself headache.

That is all that need to be done, have any question? drop it below.


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  1. Ogbodo Kingsley Ifeanyi

    What if your school list is out and your name is not in the list and u don’t have any problem in school. What do you do…

    1. You visit your school student affairs or office in charge of NYSC and lodge a complain. Probably u haven’t been cleared.

  2. Ogbodo Kingsley Ifeanyi


  3. omotehinse olushola israel

    please i cant find my name. what would i do?

    1. Be calm. And keep checking if your name has been cleared by your institution. Your name will surely be updated on the NYSC portal.

  4. my school have not update our names yet,wat am I to do

    1. Keep calm. It will be uploaded.

      Just keep checking.

  5. Onuoha Chinecherem

    my name was on d senate error list last year and after d correction, I couldn’t see it on-line and dat stopped from joining d November batch and my school sent me a message for jamb regularization which I did on January but I haven’t see my name yet online. what will I do in dis situation please.

    1. Has any of your school students found his/her name? If no then Your school list hasn’t uploaded to the NYSC database. But if yes,u can go to your school student affairs and see if u have been cleared for service.

  6. What is the criteria, that qualify a person in stream1, because I was not among. And also stream2 when are they going to camp.

    1. There is no criteria….Stream 1 and 2 are picked randomly. Stream 2 is expected to be called up two months after stream 1.

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