Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Aptitude Test 2018 free past questions and answers PDF download


Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Aptitude Test 2018 free past questions and answers PDF download kikiotolu

Here is a post which is going to give you the 2018 Nigerian Air Force aptitude test and examination past question and answer. In this post we are going to give you the current affairs questions for this exam.

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Nigerian Air Force 2018 Current Affairs Past Questions and Answers (NAF Test/Exam)

NAF QUESTIONS: In this post, we at KikioTolu are going to provide the 2018 Nigerian air force interview questions, nigerian air force 2018 current affairs, Nigerian army 2018 DSSC past questions and answers, 2018 nigerian navy dssc exam questions sample.

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2018 Current Affairs: Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Past Questions and Answers

Let’s go straight into the Nigerian Air Force 2018 free past questions and answers. We have decided to give the past questions on this page and not in PDF format.

Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Aptitude Test 2018 free past questions and answers PDF download kikiotolu 1

1) When was Nigeria Air Force (NAF) established?

ANSWER: 18 April 1964

2) What are the objective of Nigeria Air Force?

ANSWER: The Nigeria air force shall be charged with the defense of the federal Republic by air, and to give effect thereto, the personnel shall be trained in such duties as in the air as well as on the ground.

3). What are the notable achievement of Nigeria airforce?


  • Early Development (1961-1967)
  • The Nigeria Civil war: the successful delivery of effective airpower in the Nigeria civil war.
  • Liberation war in Southern Africa
  • Peace support operation
  • Mission in aid to Civil Authority
  • Training: Naf has establish various school in different specialties giving it a capacity to meet about 95% of its training requirement
  • Establishment of air force institute of Technology
  • The civil war period (1967-1970)
  • The post civil years(1970-1980)
  • The era of consolidation(1980-1990)
  • 1990 to 2000

4) Which of the following is the chief of Air Staff?
ANSWER: Air Vice Marshal Sadique Abubakar

5) Who is the present Chief of Defence Staff?

ANSWER: Major Gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin

6). What is the full meaning of NDA?

ASWER: Nigeria Defence Academy

7). What is the full Meaning of NAF?

ANSWER: Nigeria Airforce

8). Who is the current Senate president of Nigeria?

ANSWER: Sen. Bukola Saraki

9). When did Nigeria got her independeence?

ASWER: 1 october 1960

10). When did Nigeria become a Republic?

ANSWER: 1 october 1963

11). what year did Nigeria civil way started and ended?

ANSWER: Started 1967 and ended 15th jan. 1970

12). who was the first Executive president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

ANSWER: Alh. Shehu Shagari

13) Which year was Nigeria flag designed and who designed it ?

ASWER: Nigeria flag was designed by Mr. Taiwo Akinkumi in 1959

14) Who is the current Speaker of Nigeria House of Representative?

ANSWER: Yakubu Dogara

15) what is the Current population of Nigeria?

ANSWER: 183 million

16). The last colonial governor general of Nigeria is?

ASWER: James Robertson

17). Who was the first military president of Nigeria ?

ANSWER: Ibrahim Babangida

18). what system of government do Nigeria practice?

ANSWER: Federalism

19). The Northern and Southern protectorate was amalgamated in? ANSWER: 1914

20). Who is the first Nigeria airforce female pilot?

ASWER: Cadet Blessing Liman

21). Who was the first President of Nigeria?

ASWER: Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

22). Who was the first Military Head of State in Nigeria?

ASWER: Gen. JTU. Aguiyi Ironsi

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