How To Download Infinix OTA Updates Faster


How To Download Infinix OTA Updates Faster

Infinix is one of the OEM’s out there that really care about their customers. This phone manufacturers make sure the latest Android operating system is available for their users via OTA updates from time to time, and they are set to do just more. Infinix has released an app that makes this OTA update super fast, even on slow network.

So, if you are the type who wish to update the operating system of your Infinix mobile, but a dire network speed has been discouraging you, here is an application that is set to solve that problem.

This software is called “SystemUpdate Infinix V2.2.9” and it delivers software updates at faster download speeds.

How to get this app on your Infinix Mobile and update your OS faster

Infinix mobile like Infinix S2, Hot S, Zero 4, Note 3 and Hot 4 are going to get their OTA update anytime from now. Follow the steps below to download SystemUpdate Infinix V2.2.9.apk on your mobile phone and enjoy super fast update.

  • Click here to download SystemUpdate Infinix V2.2.9.apk
  • Install the downloaded apk
  • Open the app and wait for it to automatically load the update
  • Click “Download” for the available OTA software upgrade.
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Your device will reboot

There you have it on this post “How To Download Infinix OTA Updates Faster.” I hope you found this piece helpful.

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