Checkout Globacom Nigeria (Glo) Salary Structure 2018


Globacom Nigeria is one of the highest paying industries in Nigeria at the moment and so many Nigerian are seeking employment with the top telecommunications company in the country.

Checkout Globacom Nigeria (Glo) Salary Structure kikiotolu blog

It is normal for so many Nigerians to be seeking accurate information on the salary structure of Glo Nigeria. This post is set to help jo seekers and those who want to know if getting a job with Glo Nigeria is better than their current employer.

Globacom Nigeria is the only indigenous telecommunications company in Nigeria among the big four. Aritel, 9mobile and MTN are all owned by foreigners.

Lets go into the details of the salary structure of Glo Nigeria.

How Much Does Glo Pay Its Entry Level Staffs?

When you come into the Glo Nigeria working system, your annual salary depends on you. Some people get low payment, while some get an average payment. Most entry level staffs in the company get N820,000 per annum, but if you are a very hardworking type, you might end up with N 1,100,000 per annum. Glo entry level staffs are also entitled to some allowances from the company, which means their earnings is surely going to rise from the above figures.

How Much Does Glo Pay Its Specialist Staffs?

If you are a specialist in Glo Nigeria, you will surely get a more handsome salary than those at the entry level. The salary of a specialist staff with Glo Nigeria is about N4,400,000 per annum. When you break this down into monthly salary, you are going to discover that specialists with Globacom Nigeria earn well as they earn about N370,000 per month.

How Much Does Glo Pay Its Managers?

A managers at Glo Nigeria earns N8,250,000 per annum. This yearly salary amounts to about N687,500 per month. Apart from the salary paid to Glo managers, they also get a good number of allowances.

Above are the amount of money Glo staffs get paid by the company, and here comes the end of “Checkout Globacom Nigeria (Glo) Salary Structure 2018.”

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