5 Ways To Create A Strong And Intimate Relationship


5 Ways To Create A Strong And Intimate Relationship

If you truly love your partner and looking towards a long term relationship then you would need to create a strong and intimate relationship. A strong and intimate relationship is more likely to withstand the rough times every relationship surely experiences. 

If you are in a relationship, or have been in one once you would agree with me that it is normal for you to have down times when everything seems to be going bad. But what really makes a relationship work and last is the foundation in which the relationship had been built on. If you built your relationship on lies and some restrictions such is more likely to crash real quick. Below are the top 5 tips gathered by KikioTolu on how you can create a really strong relationship, which would be really hard to crash.

• Be willing to learn from each other: It is very important for you both to accept that you are not perfect and that we keep learning in life. There would surely be one or two things you might need to learn about your partner if you surely want to build a strong relationship. You would need to know his/her do’s and don’t . it is important for you both to be open and learn more about each other.

• See Your Partner for who He/she truly is: See your partner for who he or she truly is and be ready to appreciate that person. If you can’t come to terms with the reality of who your partner really is then I can assure you the relationship would never be as strong as it ought to. If the current state of your partner is not too cool, accept it and work ways to improve if the need be. It might not be financial, it can be educational, religious, habits or something as small as sense of dressing.

• Focus On Giving Love: Don’t just focus on receiving love also focus on giving out love to your partner. Do this to your strengths but don’t do more than your limits.

• Let Go Of Expectations: Instead of always expecting from your partner try and focus a bit on the relationship and how you can make it better. This way you would build more cordiality and familiarity with your partner.

• Own Who You Are: NEVER LOSE YOUR IDENTITY. I had to put that in block letters to show how important it is in every relationship. On the long run you might tend go lose some of the things you where used to doing. Try your best to rediscover yourself and be the person you have always been. You never can tell if it was exactly the reason your partner fell in love with you and losing it might be detrimental.

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