​3 Mindsets People Have About Life and The Best of Them


​3 Mindsets People Have About Life and The Best of Them

Many human activities have been used to describe life and living. Life has been likened to a woman going to the market to trade and return home after trading, a man travelling to a distant land to return at a later time, a farmer planting seeds and harvesting crops etc all in a bid to simplify the mystery called life.

In this article, I’m using the game of football to show the types of  mindsets in people with regards to success (winning) or failure (losing). 

In the game of football there are three predominant team mindsets: the serial winners , the comeback masters and the never-win-from-losing-position team mindset. 

1. The Serial Winners: These are the teams who always win. They have a winning chance of 90% or above. Think of the Barcelona, the  Juventus and the Bayern Munich of this world. With these teams a draw is as poor as a loss. 

They always find a way to win. Winning is their identity however, they also endure loses from time to time. 

2. The Comeback Masters: Liverpool FC comes to mind when I think of comeback teams. Twice they’ve shown it on the big stage. Rewind to 2005 UEFA champions League final vs AC Milan And the 2005 FA cup final vs Westham United. They won both game from losing positions! The hallmark of comeback teams is a never-say-die-mindset. They don’t quit even when it’s over! 

3. The-never-win-from-a-losing-position-team: Majority of teams with this mindset are average teams. Average not in terms of finance but in terms mindset and management. The Leicester City of 2015/2016 Premier League season has shown that a supposedly average team could win the league with the right mindset and management. 

Teams having this mindset cannot afford to be behind in a game because it will mean another loss to them. Once they are behind they believe and accept that they can never come back to win. 

They lack what it takes to convert failure into success. Consequently they accept failure without a fight once they’re behind.

Life is so much like the game of football. 

If you have the mindset of a serial winner you need to understand that failure is also a part of the equation. You must map out strategic plans on how to manage failure whenever it comes lest you’ll be taken by surprise like Mourinho in his failed attempt to defend the Premier League title he won with Chelsea FC in the 2014/2015 season. 

Make room for failures and shortcomings in your plans even if your life has been a winning streak. That way you make yourself a safe net and even if failure never occur, it’s still a win for you! 

The ultimate comeback personality, as good as the mindset is, should realize that settling for a comeback when you could be in the lead with others in your trail is self limiting. 

Success does not necessarily have to come the hard way if proper home work is done. You should realize that you don’t always have to grind your ass out to be level headed when the same effort is just enough to earn you victory. 

If you have a never-win-from-losing-position mindset you should realize that failure isn’t always a final sentence to life in ‘doomsdom’. 

It is said that failure is a necessary turn in the highway to success. 

Learn to fail forward; learn a lesson or three from every unsuccessful attempt and apply them in your next trial. 

History is replete with people who turned their failures into success. That could be you if you don’t compromise to pitch your tent in failure beach. 

Imhangbe Caleb, 2016

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