Yemi Alade’s manager, Taiye Aliyu reveals what business is like with Jude Okoye after Cynthia Morgan called him out

Singer Yemi Alade’s manager and the CEO of Effyzie music group, Taiye Aliyu, has reacted to the brouhaha between Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye.

Kikiotolunews reported that Cynthia Morgan accused Jude Okoye of stealing a lot from her which ruined her music career.

In reaction, Taiye Aliyu stated that Jude Okoye and Cynthia Morgan’s former manager Joy Tongo are good people and far from what they are being painted to be.

He tweeted: “Artists are human beings, #cynthiamorgan own up to your mistakes and grow.

I have spoken and done business with Jude Okoye and @joytongo so many times they are good people, there is always 2 sides to a story and then there is the TRUTH. Do your research.

Nobody owes you anything, the #JUDEOKOYE template for management and labels in Nigerian Entertainment works well over time, only if you are patient. Don’t be naive, people jumping into conclusion.

Nobody, i repeat owes you nothing …. don’t bring your naive self here. People cannot own businesses because they don’t know how it works and are not patient enough to watch it grow.  I want to thank baba @judeengees , for being part of the young CEO’s that have helped to shape Music business in #AFRICA. Also @joytongo has been a major force for Nigerian Artists touring the  USA. Thank you  Facts 

No self pity here, we need to research first before you try to rip people’s integrity apart. When @judeengees  speaks about his journey so far his is blunt, If he has messed up he says it clearly. We all need to grow this industry, let’s call a spade a spade, not a big spoon.

Common sense ….. is not common. The winning formula is to build good character –?it takes time, money, humility, loyalty, consistency and God.

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