Xenophobia: 36 Nigerians arrested for vandalising businesses

Xenophobia 36 Nigerians arrested for vandalising businesses kikiotolu

36 Nigerians have been arrested and will be prosecuted for vandalising businesses, IGP Mohammed Adamu has confirmed.

The IGP made this known earlier today when he spoke with journalists during his visit to the headquarters of the Ekiti state police command in Ado Ekiti.

Mohammed Adamu described Nigeria as a country being governed by laws, adding that those who display anti-xenophobic destruction are criminals and unpatriotic citizens. He said:

“Nigeria is a country that has laws and we will obey our laws. We will never behave like others do in other country. “No individual is allowed to take laws into his or her hands. What happened in South Africa, the federal government is dealing with that at a diplomatic level.

“It is not a license for any individual in this country to come around and attack the assets and businesses of South Africa or any other foreign countries.”

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