Wife attacks husband on his way to secret wedding (Video)

Wife attacks husband on his way to secret wedding kikiotolu

There was mild drama as a wife attacked her husband who was on his way to a secret wedding in Edo state.

According to a video which is currently trending online, the woman accosted her husband, and another lady who appeared to be his bride, as they were headed to the venue of their wedding ceremony.

The drag and pull between the aggrieved parties instantly attracted a host of onlookers who stood by and watched as the scene played out. Also spotted in the video, is the distressed bride who was donned in her wedding gown and left in a complete state of confusion, as she ran back and forth in an effort to understand what was going on.

Sharing the video, GosspiMill wrote;

First Wife AttacksHerHusband And His (Sidechick) Second Wife On Their Way To Their Secret Wedding In Edo State!!!

Watch the video below:

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