‘Why are people allowed to go to market but stopped from going to church’ -Bishop Oyedepo breaks silence

Following the ease of lockdown, general overseer of Living faith chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has questioned the government on why people are allowed to go to the market but not to church.

In the video which is already going viral on the internet, Bishop Oyedepo was heard lamenting seriously about why the government will stop people from worshiping for just 2 hours.

According to him, The foundation in Christ is very important to tackle critical situations like this, adding that that the growth and expansion of the church is an headache for the devil.

In his words “There is something wrong.. For people to be allowed in the market for 6 hours and can’t be in church for 2 hours… its an upside down way of looking at things”

The 65 year old further asked which is more orderly in a market and a church? ‘I smell a rat’ he added.

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