Who are those responsible for the societal menace called Yoruba Demon?

Want to know who is responsible for the viral societal menace called Yoruba Demon, then read through this post.

Who are those responsible for the societal menace called Yoruba Demon kikiotolu blog

This are not my views/words, as they are those of Deolu Oniranu. The post was too nice that I couldn’t resist the old act of Copy + Paste. Read and enjoy before Google and co arrive with their big hammer to knock my head.

Who are those responsible for the societal menace called Yoruba Demon? – Deolu Oniranu

I would have loved to call them sociopaths or psychopaths but they don’t have enough attributes to be labeled as that. Now, before we continue, this is a personal opinion. Sometime, last year or maybe even this year, during the Lagos Theatre week, I saw a play about being Single in Lagos or something like that.

During that play, they alluded to the theory that Yoruba Demons are created by Yoruba mums, because they’ve conditioned their boys throughout their lives into becoming sweet young men who ladies love and would love to be with but guess what? They also don’t share the same type of feeling from the ladies, and in the middle of all of these, the girl gets her heart broken, and it seems the guy is gone, and then the lady comes back trying to read the signs of where she got it wrong, what were the clues of him, but he was sweet, caring, charming, all of her friends liked him.

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From that play, I learned it was created by the Yoruba mothers, while I don’t completely agree with the summation, they may be right. I think everyone is responsible for the sociopaths called Yoruba Demons, the guys themselves, the society and certainly ladies as well.

So, what makes Yoruba Demons Yoruba Demons, it can be defined depending on the encounter the lady has. It almost as the same effect of the word Fuck, the word can be anything you want it to be. A Yoruba Demon could be a guy who dresses well for some ladies, others can be not being able to figure out the guy’s intentions, then he becomes a Yoruba Demon. For some, it can be how easy he gets along with other people especially the opposite sex, guess what the label is? Yoruba Demon, and many more scenarios like these.

And all of these can make you label anyone Yoruba Demon, the one I’m interested in today is how ladies may have contributed to this.


Chimanandans’ please relax, let’s just reason this together. This article will focus on the ladies though, so you may want to close this or continue to read my foolish article.

I’ll tell you a little story a client of mine told me about 10 years ago.

The couple met at Unilag, and the husband pursued her for so long, she insulted him, she threw water on him at some point, and through turmoil and perseverance, she eventually gave him, and they started dating, and honestly, we all know ladies like this. They need to see the guy go through thick and thin before he is capable of getting them into a relationship.

Years later, that couple got married, and they have stayed married at least till I checked last week, and they’ve been blessed with children, what I was told was that the guy said to her, she was going to be his wife, and he fought through thick and thin to get her, and that really sounds romantic but have you thought about it that not every relationship has to go like that. That worked but can you imagine how many more that could have worked without this torture?

Because this is some sort of template for every girl, the guy has to go through hell and high waters, then when she thinks he has gone through enough then he can be loved, and maybe a few months after that, then maybe sex can happen.

Does anyone know the guy feels in this situation, does anyone know any group of guys that can navigate this minefield easily? YORUBA DEMONS and why is that? Because they’ve done this a lot of time. They’ve become a savant in this type of situations, this has become a science for them.

They’ll even do you one better and run three of this concurrently. I’m not saying you shouldn’t test a guy’s endurance of wanting you for so long, show him the worst of you first before showing him the good side of you.

For real, a lady once told me, by the time I get to know her really that she’s very nice. So, I asked her why I have been dealing with this always angry dismissable monster.

It’s 2018, can we just agree that this doesn’t always work the same way for everyone. If you’ve got to put everyone you date through this devious social experiment just to have your fun. One lady told me that, don’t I know that anything you suffer to get is more cherished.

While she may have believed that she is right and it works, it won’t work 100 percent of the time. What happened to liking someone and taking things as they go without all of the insecure drama.

If we vet everyone like this, how come there are still breakups? Here is my point, some of these scenarios are what created some Yoruba Demons especially the ones that are great with ladies. He knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it? How do you think he learned that? Of course from dealing with women who think it’s right of passage to maltreat guys emotionally to prove their love.

It’s like let me torture you for as long as I want if you endure it, it shows you love me if you cannot then you don’t deserve my attention.

The guys who have been able to control this process are better at managing it because of a crazy little thing called experience. So, let’s talk a typical example of the guy that is running this campaign on three different ladies at the same time, eventually if the three of them agree to date him, and he decides to go out with all of them at once, then he has earned the term Yoruba Demon, when he cuts off the two, dating just one, to the one he’s dating, it’s lovely and good, but to the rest of the ladies, he sucked them in, and they fell for him then BOOM! He breaks their heart and also has earned the term Yoruba Demon.

My point is, we have all created this Yoruba Demon thing sometimes because of the ladies’ strategy of making guys go through the rock and the hard place to date them, making it seem like a conquest instead of liking each other and having a good relationship instead of one person doing everything to piss off the other person, pushing his buttons furiously.

Also, one reason why ladies do this is to find out the guy’s character, to see how far his resilience goes, which can be done another way asides from being intentional assholes.

It’s fine if we have a decent conversation about this, and not scream obscene insults at each other.

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