WhatsApp Plus Latest v6.01 Free APK Download for Android

Here is the right page to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus v6.01 apk file for free on your Android phone.

We at Fabinfos.com brings you a one-click link to download this file on your mobile device.

WhatsApp is a really cool application that many of us use, and we all want to get more of it. This is the basic idea of WhatsApp Plus as it brings some new features and functions to the already pleasant WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Plus v6.01 and why is everyone asking me to download it?

Whatsapp plus is same like official application which comes with too many features which I mentioned in below features section. You can do many things with WhatsApp plus which you can’t do with the official app, for example, you can hide your online status, and sending large files and much more which you can’t do in the official application, so now we are going to describe features section of this amazing application. This Whatsapp Plus apk is based on latest version, which you can easily download and install on your device right now for getting many more new features in your Whatsapp Account. WhatsApp plus app has been updated with some more new cool features. The good thing is, we are going to give you the download link of WhatsApp plus for free and also going to give you a breakdown on how to set it up.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 6.01 on my phone

Downloading this version 6.01 of WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone is simple. Follow the steps below and you are good to go.

Download apk Whatsapp Plus v6.01 here

• Proceed with setup of WhatsApp Plus v6.01 on your phone

• Install and you are good to go.

Continue with the setup.

How to setup account on WhatsApp Plus v6.01

Many people wonder how they can setup a valid account on WhatsApp Plus v6.01, well, it is simple and here is how to.

• Open WhatsApp Plus v6.01 app
• Agree their terms and conditions
• Enter your Mobile Number
• Confirm OTP
• You are good to go.

Top and key features of WhatsApp Plus v6.01

Now you can deleted sent messages.
Dial any number on WhatsApp without save contact.
Media auto download from Specific group/person.
Default it comes with the blue icon, but you can change the icon according to your choice, it is the best feature in it.
In default application, you can’t send video over 15MB, but in WhatsApp plus you can send 50Mb video files, so it is the best application for those peoples who want to send large video files in their groups.
It allows you to send more than ten pictures at the same time, means you can select more than 10 in single time which facility is not available in an official app.
You can’t change the background color in official app, but in WhatsApp Plus app, you can change your chat background color, notification background color, etc., so you can make your chat background according to your choice by using the amazing feature.
When you send the picture in official app, then WhatsApp reduce the size of picture, but in WhatsApp plus you can send the photo in original size, so if you want to share any document with your friends or office staff, then you can send it without losing the image clarity.
You can modify themes and UI colors according to your choice, which feature is not available in the official application. So now you can choose the look according to your requirement. And the best part of this feature is that you can also buy some of the paid themes.
You can show different status with different contacts, means you can set normal status with your family members, and you can set a romantic status for your girlfriend. So this feature is amazing for most people .
The best feature in it is that you don’t need to open your friend’s profile for reading their status. You can read their status while chatting with her/him .
You can change ticks/bubbles Style according to your choice.
Also working in android marshmallow, some of the mod apk apps only work in Android KitKat and Jelly bean versions, but the latest version of WhatsApp Plus apk is also working on Android marshmallow devices.
No Ban issue, sometimes you facing ban issues in some modded applications, but it is ban free apk.
And much more, which you can see after download and install it.

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