WhatsApp July 2019 update_ Messenger adds exciting new features kikiotolu

WhatsApp July 2019 update: Messenger adds exciting new features

WhatsApp July 2019 update_ Messenger adds exciting new features kikiotolu

WhatsApp Beta users are already enjoying some cool updates from WhatsApp this July 2019, and soon its going to be available to couple of users.

Sharing your status to Facebook, forwarding it to friends who you want to see it right away, and lots more are one of the new features added to WhatsApp this month.

Late June, the app was testing the feature that allows users share posts from their WhatsApp status with other apps.

Yeah, its not just Facebook.

Though there is a direct link beneath your status update that says “share to Facebook”, you should also notice that you can now share your status to other apps like Reddit, Instagram, Gmail, and even your Google My Business (You know what that means to business owners).

For now there is also no option to have your WhatsApp status automatically shared to another service; WhatsApp tells me it wants the feature to be an active decision on the part of the user.

You can now also forward your status to your friends as a message. You know those status you write specially for that lad, but he happens not to check it till 23 hours. How frustrating!!!

Well, that should be a thing of the past now, as you can forward it directly to them. I still have my reservations about this feature though, as it shares it only as Image, Text or Video. This way, the contact might still not be able to tell it is actually on my status.

Before I wrap this up, WhatsApp Business app has also been upgraded as they have been added to desktop and web version. These features are Quick Replies, which are frequent messages to answer common questions, labels to organise contacts and chats and chat list filtering which enables the user to manage chats under various filters like unread messages, broadcast lists and groups.