Uche Elendu joins actresses who have put their male counterparts to shame, flaunts new car

Actress Uche Elendu has flaunted a new Lexus car on Instagram which she acquired for herself.

The achievement puts her in the league of Nollywood actresses flaunting new cars and houses while their male counterparts have nothing to show for years of being in the movie industry.

Recently, Uche Elendu expressed sadness at the fact that she’s a single mom with no man in her life.

She stated this during the lockdown period which forced everyone indoors.

She said, “It is not very easy not being married and not having a man. But I have kids, who keep me company the whole of my time. I interact with them, take care of them and teach them. As an entrepreneur, I am also about my business; making research and relating with my client.”

“Personally, I feel the need to be in the company of a man in rare occasions. I don’t really feel bad because I am single, I know I would be in the right relationship when the time comes,” she told Sunnews.

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