Total shocker: What I ordered Vs what I got- Tailor Edition

Nahhhhh…. you have been seeing a What I Ordered Vs What I Got in the past, but you haven;t seen anything like this before. Nahhhh…. TF? 不不
So a twitter user, @Endsarsinngnow, has shared a photo of what she actually asked her tailor to make and what she sent to her as the finishing product 不.
In her post, she said she thought people were joking about their tailor experiences until it happened to her. Sharing the photos of the two not-so-similar dresses, she wrote:

“Thought yall was always joking about what you ordered vs what you got until it eventually happened to me…I cant cry.” 

The tailor when confronted with the issue, stated she would make the dress better by ‘God’s grace’.