Top uncommon Yoruba names for boys and girls

Top uncommon Yoruba names for boys and girls kikiotolu

When you give your child a name, you want it to be very special and have a sacred meaning. It often happens that a name has an impact on a child’s fate and life. This is why parents often come to the matter of choosing a name for their baby with all responsibility and research the absolutely unique ones with the most interesting meanings.

Why choose an uncommon name?

There are enough namesakes running around and parents just don’t want their son or daughter to be another one with the same popular name.

Besides that, there are research results that show how people with uncommon names differ from others. They have different ambitions, different characters, and different lives. The point is that a child with a rare beautiful name feels slightly uncomfortable with it through the whole life and it’s a great motivation. For example, a child’s name means something so significant that people start to put great expectations on him or her. It makes a child strive for the success, prove that he or she is worth it. This is how notable personalities are created by a name alone.

On the other hand, by giving their child an uncommon name, parents just want to return to their roots and remember the culture and traditions of their ancestors. It’s a great tendency that young parents look through some Yoruba names dictionary to choose the most authentic and meaningful name for their baby. It’s a guarantee that traditions and beliefs of their people won’t be forgotten with time.

Let’s see, which Yoruba names and meanings are suitable for babies of today.

Yoruba female names with meanings


There are many beautiful female names of the Yoruba origin with a lovely and tender meaning that can fully convey the parents’ love. Choose the one to your liking for your little queen.

  • Adunni – someone you are happy or love to have
  • Ayotundun – this is a special Yoruba word that means the sweetness of joy
  • Bolatito – this is another Yoruba word that means the sanctification that joy brings
  • Bosede – a daughter who was born on Sunday
  • Diekololaoluwa – the Lord’s blessing is always great
  • Diekololaoluwalayemi – there are no boundaries to the Lord’s wealth in my life
  • Emilohi – the Lord is great
  • Eriifeoluwa – the embodied evidence of the Lord’s love
  • Feyisola – a daughter who has the blessing of her parents always on her
  • Feyikemi – this is one more special Yoruba word, which means that this daughter’s parents were blessed with her birth
  • Folusho – a girl who’s always under the Lord’s protection and care
  • Ibidun – a daughter whose birth was sweet
  • Ibironke – a daughter who will be loved by her family
  • Idowu – a very special name for a daughter who was born after twins
  • Ife – love, or a woman who will be loved
  • Jadesolaoluwa – a daughter who has come into the Lord’s wealth
  • Kinfeosioluwa – one more Yoruba word that means the increasing love for the Lord
  • Korede – a daughter whose birth has brought the family blessings
  • Latorunwa – one of the most beautiful Yoruba names for girls, which means a daughter that has come down from heaven
  • Lolade – may the Lord be with you
  • Oluwafunbi – the Lord has given this daughter to me

Yoruba names for men with meanings


There are many lovely male names in the Yoruba tradition and it’s not a problem to find a good list to choose from. It’s much more difficult to choose one because they are all lovely and meaningful.

  • Abiola – the son who was born into wealth
  • Adebamgbe – this is a special word that means the royalty that dwells inside the bearer of this name
  • Bayode – the son who brings joy with his very existence
  • Babasola – the father’s wealth that has arrived
  • Durojaiye – stay and enjoy living
  • Folarin – walk with glory
  • Gbadebo – the son who has brought the crown
  • Ifelewa – the most tender male name that means love is beauty
  • Iyanu-Oluwa – the Lord’s miracle
  • Jimoh – the son who was born on Friday
  • Mayowa – the son who has brought joy to the family
  • Modupeore –i am thankful for blesings
  • Mofolorunso – the son who’s always under the Lord’s care
  • Oba – King
  • Obasolape – this is a special Yoruba word that means: the Lord has completed this child’s wealth
  • Odunayo – the year of happiness
  • Olusola – the Lord has blessed me

Uncommon and beautiful Yoruba names for men and women


Apart from completely male or totally female names, there are the ones that can be given to children of both genders. They usually mean something neutral and beautiful. They are not numerous but their meaning is as charming as that of other Yoruba names.

  • Ayotunde – joy has come back
  • Jaiyesimi – the one who’s enjoying life
  • Modupeore – thank you for this gift, my Lord
  • Morenikeji – the child resembling the parents, “my child looks like me”
  • Niyilolawa – here is the wealth
  • Olajuwan – the excitement of the victory
  • Olusola – the one who has conveyed the Lord’s blessing to the parents
  • Tejumola – the one who’s always looking forward to better times
  • Tiwa – ours
  • Tokunbo – the one who’s come from across the seas

How to choose a child’s name and make no mistakes? In a nutshell, choosing a beautiful and unique name for your baby, try not to overdo with the uniqueness.

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