Top 5 Content Distribution Apps Every African Blogger and Marketer Must Have This 2018


Top Content Distribution Apps Every African Blogger Must Have This

Marketers around Africa are adding significant efforts in content marketing and content distribution. This is why you need to know the top 5 content distribution apps in Africa if you want your content to stand the chance of competing.

Why competing? My idea is great. Well, with over hundreds of new websites launched every minute on the continent and almost a million blog post per day, you should know there is more to do than just having great content.

Yes Content is King, but Content Marketing is President


For the newbies, who might have stumbledupon this post out of curiousness an willingness to learn. Let’s first of all break down what Content Marketing/Distribution truly is.

What is Content Distribution?

According to top content distribution comapany Outbrain, Content Distribution is the act of promoting content to online audiences in multiple media formats through various channels.

These content distribution channels can be categorized into three groups: Owned, Earned, and Paid.

What’s the difference between these channels and what do they really entail?

  • Owned Content Distribution: This includes distributing content to web properties that belong to you, like your blog, email newsletter, social media, or microsite. You don’t pay a dime for this.
  • Earned Content Distribution: This is when third-parties distribute your content or content about you through press coverage, guest article contributions, retweets or shares, or product reviews. Depending on the agreement, you might and might not pay for this content distribution channel.
  • Paid Content Distribution: This is when you explicitly pay for content distribution. Payment could take many forms, but often works on a cost-per-click (CPC) model where the owner of the content pays a certain amount every time someone clicks through to view the content. There are popular Ad networks which you can use for this content distribution

That’s all you need to know about content distribution and the available channels. Now let’s go into the core of this article.

KikioTolu List of The Top 5 Content Distribution App Every Blogger and Marketer In Africa Must Have 2018

The best of the content distribution apps which are going to be mentioned below have proven over the years, to be competent and helpful in creating desired effects on the target audience. Every of the content distribution application on this list is applauded globally for amplifying reach by automatically distributing the content to interested readers. So why not use it as an African blogger or marketer.

Please note this is not a sponsored post and we have not been paid a kobo to list any content distribution app here

  • Buffer
  • Outbrain
  • Buzzsumo
  • Taboola
  • Social Locker

With these popular apps, you can be sure that your efforts are not going in vain.

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