Top 10 BBNaija Housemates with the Highest Fanbase – Most Popular

Top 10 BBNaija Housemates with the Highest Fanbase - Most Popular kikiotolu news

The Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) show began in the year 2006, with Katung Aduwak winning the $100,000 prize money back then.

The reality TV show has indeed made stars over the years, and kept millions of Nigerians glued to their screen.

BBNaija is a show filled with loads of drama, and some Nigerians have tagged it devilish or inappropriate. This has not stopped viewers from increasing by the year, and also the long queues at auditions from ending.

Despite the fact that the winners of the show are well voted for each year, it still turns out a mystery why they don’t usually end up having a large online presence. The only exception in recent memory is Mercy Eke – the first female winner of the show – who has gone on to build a strong online presence and name for herself.

In this post, we are going to be giving you a carefully researched list of the top 10 ex Big Brother Naija housemates with the largest following on social media.

Top 10 BBNaija Housemates with the Highest Fanbase

Top 10 BBNaija Housemates with the Highest Fanbase kikiotolu news

During the BBNaija show, you can see fans teaming up to support a particular star…this support doesn’t end after the show. Many of the housemates have gone on to become social media celebs, and below is the list of the most popular on Twitter and Instagram;

10. Uriel

uriel bbnija most followed housemate

Despite not making it to the finals while being on the BBnaija show, Uriel Ngozi Oputa, has gone on to build a strong social media presence. Today she has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and over 26,000 followers on Twitter.

9. Tacha

tacha most followed bbnaija housemate

Anita Natacha Akide popularly known as Symply Tacha, is one of the most controversial BBnaija housemate ever. She lit the Pepper Dem show, and was perhaps the real pepper, before being ousted from the show. She was well loved due to her antics and boast, 1.2 million followers and 362,976 followers on Twitter.

8. BamBam

bambam most followed bbnaija housemate

One of the most loved BBNaija housemate, Bamike Olawunmi Adenibuyan, also has a strong social media presence. She currently has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and over 100k followers on Twitter.

7. Teddy A

teddy a most followed bbnaija housemate

Tope Adenibuyan is married to former BBNaija housemate, BamBam, the couple also have a child together. During his time in the house, he was loved for composure. He also has over 1.3 million followers.

6. Nina Ivy

nina ivy most followed bbnaija housemate

Nina Ivy Chinonso Onyenobi house romance with eventual winner, Miracle was well documented. Things didn’t turn out as planned between the pair, but she has gone on to have large following on social media.

Today, Nina has over 1.9 million followers in Instagram, while she has over 105k on Twitter.

5. Tobi Bakre

tobi bakre most followed bbnaija housemate

If you watch the highlights of Double Wahala, then you can’t miss Tobi Bakre in the top moments. After the show, the young man has gone on to feature in movies and is doing a lot making a name for himself. He now has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 270k followers on Twitter.

4. Alex Unusual

alex unusual most followed bbnaija housemate

I really like this girl, and she is a star. Alexandra Sandra Asogwa Amuche already has over 2.4 million followers on IG, and there seem no stopping her.

3. Cee-C

cee-c most followed bbnaija housemate

Cynthia Nwadiora popularly known as Cee-C, is a lawyer, model and actress. The BBNaija really did a lot for her brand, and she has since hit fame. The first runner up in 2018 is not on Twitter but has 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

2. Bisola Aiyeola

bisola aiyeola most followed bbnaija housemate

This woman is strong…and yeah she has a lovely voice. Bisola was the 1st runner up of big brother naija 2017 “See Gobe” edition. Apart from her voice, she is also a great actress. Keeping busy since the end of the show, she has amassed over 2.8 million followers on Instagram and over 82k on Twitter.

1 – Ebuka

ebuka most followed bbnaija housemate

Some newbies are surprised to find him on this list. Ebuka Obi Uchendu is one of the top names from BBNaija, and some only known him as a host.

Despite not winning the show, Ebuka is now in a very good place in the entertainment industry and has been the host of the newer season of the show. He currently has 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 1 million on Twitter.

List of the Top 10 Most Popular BBNaija Housemates

Top 10 BBNaija Housemates with the Highest Fanbase kikiotolu news 1
  1. Ebuka
  2. Bisola Aiyeola
  3. Cee-C
  4. Alex Unusual
  5. Tobi Bakre
  6. Nina Ivy
  7. Teddy A
  8. Bambam
  9. Tacha
  10. Uriel

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